Birthday June 20th
Gender Male MaleIcon
Age 25
Race Sprite
Species Fae
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale-Green
Hair Pink
Eyes Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Eco-terrorist


Tall and slender, the young man known as Amazon resembles an adolescent tree reaching adulthood, his spindly arms and legs only fueling the comparison. His complexion is permanently a pale-green due to the amount of chlorophyll building up within his body, the same cause for his short hair taking on a pink hue. Despite his less than normal appearance, he maintains a well-groomed look, fussing over hairstyles and clothing. 

Typically, he wears an open, sleeveless coat with little beneath it, the garment being slightly loose with it's collar raised to lay on his neck. Beneath that, he sports green pants covered by an enclosed belt-cape tied to his waist with a sash. He has a small collection of simple jewelry, with both ears sporting pink earrings, while his ankles and wrists are covered by wooden bands. The entire ensemble is colored and styled after plants and flowers, appearing as if they were made from nature itself rather than by any human hand.







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