Humans evolved and claimed this planet and its Humans job's to keep it as such
Arthur Chelovek
Birthday 12/21
Gender Male MaleIcon
Age 52
Species Human
Handedness Left-Handed
Complexion Pale and Clear
Hair White and Receiding
Eyes Dull Blue
Height 6"3
Weight 170Ibs
Professional Status
Affiliation Bygone 'Ayum
Occupation Leader of BA
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives None
Relationship None
Additional Info
IQ 169
Likes Himself, Using those around him as tools in the cause, death and destruction.
Dislikes Non-Humans, The Weak and Peace.
Skills Incredibly High Charisma, Hyperfocus, Can use a broadsword and sawn-off double barrel shotgun at the same time.
Weaknesses Group attack from all sides, magic that doesn’t create a physical energy.

Appearance Edit

Arthur is a tall, muscled man who weighs 170Ibs and stands at a more than average 6 foot 3 inches. He has dirty white bordering on gray hair that due to his age is receding and has dull blue eyes that have an age of experience ingrained into them. He has a pale and clear complexion which shows that more of his time in spent inside than out.

He wears a business suit of the usual colors of black and white which is lined with ballistic weave to give extra protection against attacks. He also wears black sunglasses which just goes to increase the narcissistic look about him.

Personality Edit

Arthur is a manipulative person (if we can call him that) that sees the people around him as nothing but tools to be used for his cause. He doesn’t care for those that live or die, only himself due to his narcissistic nature. Because of this he uses Nina D’arc to rally his troops as she has a way with them and connects with them in ways he cannot.

He applies to the, what he considers as, Weak Side of people to make them do what he wants such as applying to someone’s sense of justice or telling them it’s what the world needs.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Arthur has an ability called Hyperfocus which allows his eyes to pick up the smallest movement of things in his field of vision and allows him to interpret the enemies move so that he can counter it in the best of ways. However this leaves him open to attacks from behind so he anticipates every movement an enemy makes and picks out the most likely scenario that they would go with.

Equipment Edit

His weapons are a Sawn-Off Double Barrel Shotgun and Broadsword that looks like it is made for royalty. He has mastered the art of dual wielding both of these weapons at once and fights with this bizarre style in a brutal and unforgiving fashion that often leaves his enemies with fatal wounds or dead.

Backstory Edit

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