Arturo O'Higgins Edit

Arturo O'Higgins
Nickname El Comandante
Alias Gustavo Ovalle
Gender Male MaleIcon
Age 57
Race Hispanic
Species Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Caucasian
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Height 5'8"
Power None
Professional Status
Occupation General
Additional Info
Likes His homeland, Tactics, Military Might
Dislikes Capitalism, Dogs, Sushi
Skills Incredible Tactician
Weaknesses Is prone to fits of uncontrollable rage

Backstory Edit

In the late 20th century, in the country of Chile, there was a military coup that took over the country. Over the years that followed, Chile was controlled by a dictatorship that ruled harshly, executing political prisoners and bringing maladies to many. Except a few who were in good terms with the regime.

Born near the end of the 21st century, Gustavo came into the world at a hospital in Santiago, Chile. During this time, Chile had become the beacon of good living in South America, attracting more and more people to the small country. Santiago became a place of acceptance for technology and the supernatural arts of old.

Gustavo's family hated this.

Living in Valparaiso, a poor port city-turned technological wonder, Gustavo was raised in a family that was descendant of one that profited and thrived under the military regime of the 20th century. As they went through the years, they began to despise these new developments done to humankind: the supernatural beings coming to light, the half human hybrids, and especially the cyborgs. They considered it an unclean way of tainting the human genome.

Gustavo went to school like an ordinary child, despite having to be enrolled in the same classes as the things that he called Asquerosos. All the way through primary education, he had to see how his achievements were downplayed because he was just a normal human, and everyone was so "accepting" of non-humans that they gave them more chances for things.

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