The Atlanteans were a seadwelling race that lived in an enormous underwater utopia known as Atlantis.

Backstory Edit

An ancient race as old as humanity, Atlanteans are said to be an offshoot of human evolution. Humans that were highly attuned to magic were attracted to each other, and over the years, they pooled resources and magic know-how to create the city of Atlantis under the pacific ocean. They used their influence to wipe all evidence of this city of living memory and strike it's very name from the history booksp, having it only survive as a legend to be chased by those who are worthy. In their undersea haven, the Atlanteans further evolved through the influence of and exposure to magic. They used their astounding gifts to create great technologies powered by magical energy - generators that provided clean power for a thousand years, fields and barriers that negated the most harmful of energies, and music and artwork to make the soul feel young again. However, some Atlanteans grew greedy and cocksure. They believed that the ocean was their right, and, in some twisted sense of manifest destiny, they invaded on the sacred lands of the Aoquid peoples In order to harvest more resources. This hostile action, while not supported by all Atlanteans, sparked a great conflict that brought the wrath of the Aoquid's strongest warriors down upon the city. The Atlanteans defended their aquatic capital with pugnacious pride, but in the end, the Aoquid's numbers and strength proved too much for even the mighty Atlantean Hydroclast warriors to repel. The city of Atlantis was razed - an impressive feat considering the circumstances - and most of the Atlanteans were butchered. However, a few key Atlantean members managed to launch escape pods, either for them or their loved ones, so that the species could survive on the surface.

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