Welcome to the Bulletin Board, where information and requests are passed around like candy on Halloween!


This section is dedicated to out-of-character news.

Current News

  • Osaka Gakuin 42 is getting a facelift(I don't need a blog for this, considering the number of members atm, right?)!

Old News​

  • Osaka Gakuin 42 was created(I had no idea what else to write, so have a filler)

In-House Requests

This section is meant for requests between staff, in regards to the pages on the wiki. This is to help the staff keep in mind what lore pages and the like requires revamping or fixing.

Community Requests

While characters have their own special method of reviewing, which is by dropping them into pending, new lore and NPC related pages have a more simpler method of reviewing. The most simplest method, is to link the page into the "To be Reviewed" section here, and a member of the staff will get around to it. Once it's reviewed, it will be moved down into the "Finished Review" section, with the name of the reviewer as well as the review date next to it. After three days have passed, the specific item reviewed will be removed from the list. Please check the specific page for a comment regarding whether it passed the review or not, or to make sure it has been reviewed, if you no longer see it on either list.

Please note that any requests to review Characters, will simply be removed. As mentioned, you have to toss them into pending.

To be Reviewed

  • None

Finished Review

  • None