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The Bygone 'Ayum are a human supremacist group that believe anything that isn't human is a stain on the earth and should be appropriately wiped out. They use extreme methods to achieve their goals, and if you're not with them, you're against them.

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Arthur Chelovek - Leader

Nina D'arc - Second in Command, Spokes person, Public head made to appear as leader

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Lossless Heart: Frigid - Thug level assassin sent to assassinate the Fuyu heir Kouki Fuyu in order to cause strife between the four Kitsune clans and a possible collapse. Ended in failure. Extended operation for 2 months afterward. Lead to the eventual death of the operative. Cause unknown. Re-thinking methods of execution. Operation overall: Failure

Lossless Heart: Blister - Pawns scouting Kitsune area for to test newly made weapon. Found a small house with a small family inside. Weapon tested, worked swimmingly and annihilated the Kitsune within. Weapon retracted and reported back to base by the Pawns.