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Creation of Kat
Who owns Cas Cameron you ask?

Why, it is I, Kat!

Please voice any concerns on my wall.

— Cas
Cas Cameron
Gender Male MaleIcon
Age 28 physically, 15 mentally.
Race Ghost
Species Lich
Handedness Left
Complexion Pale Blue
Hair White+Blue
Eyes Gray
Height 5'11
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Personal Status
Status Active

Introduction Edit

Cas is a Lich, who has come back after being killed in an assassination gone wrong.

Appearance Edit

Cas has deathly pale skin with a rotten blue tinge, loosely holding onto what was formerly an athletic physique. He has white hair with blue dyed tips. Cas has 5 bullet holes in his torso and one on his forehead.

Cas wears a large puffy blue


Relationships Edit

To Be Added

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced physical abilities, specifically scent

Equipment Edit


Trivia Edit

His name is alliteration