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Notable Deiy Locations Edit


- Really most "Afterlives" and alternate "Realms"

- Explain how these are sealed off Dimensions held by that Deity

-This section as a whole to describe how the Dimensions work and where Deities typically reside.

Types Edit

- Splitting Deities up into 3 types, Creatus, Terratus, and Outer. Aside from Outer, w both split-up into sub-types. Likely 3 for each, or that's the maximum. For Creatus, warp what's there already a bit. Terratus,split it up between like, I dunno, Physical, Magical, and Abilities.

Creatus Edit

Deities in the “Creatus” tier are the most powerful right below the Grand Deity. They are the world creators of Mythos, the ones that allegedly created everything. These beings are allowed to observe humans, but cannot intervene in any of their actions, or even speak to them.
Examples: Ouranos, Gaea, Amun-Ra, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma

Karatus Edit

These Deities are still very powerful, but not as powerful as Creatus. They are the ones that immortalize more aspects of the world in humanity’s mind, and sometimes in truth. They are allowed to intervene in human affairs, but only in very, very obscure manners, i.e. crop circles, mystical writing, strange tomes.

Examples: Chronos, Osiris, Isis, Odin

Servatus Edit

These Deities are the ones most commonly known by man, the ones that have graced the story books the most. They are the ones that are allowed to interact with humans, talk to them, change their histories through help. They are also allowed to “sponsor” humans, as in, give them powers beyond normal humanity, for a price determined by the Deity (there must always be a price equal to or greater than the power). However, they are not allowed to directly interfere in human affairs. For that, there are the Terratus.

These Deities can be included in backstories, but not be used as characters.

Examples: Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Loki, Thor, Horus

Terratus Edit

Offspring of Servatus. Demi-Gods.

This is the only tier that users can make characters from.

Examples: Gilgamesh, Muses, Heracles, Perseus, Arthur Pendragon, Beowulf

Stronk Edit

- Placeholder for later Terratus branch-offs.

Outer Edit

Cthulhu creatures. Gods gone bad and crazy.

Inherent Abilties Edit

Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis needs major definitions. Hardcore. Probably pocket dimensions.

Saying "X" is gotten from "X" divine parent gets rather loose. But eh. System for now.