These little ones, are my pride and joy.
— Eleanora
Eleanora Rheinmetall
Nickname Elen
Title Doll Maker, Automata Factory, Living/Walking Triad, Legal Loli
Gender Female FemaleIcon
Age 750
Species Kitsune
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Gold
Eyes Sky Blue(Natural)


Height 5'2"
Professional Status
Social Rank Teacher
Affiliation Osaka Gakuin
Occupation Engineer, Teacher
Personal Status
Status Alive
Additional Info
Clubs Robotics


Despite being several centuries old, and in contrary to expectations, Elen has the appearance of


Elen's an enigma, 

She has an unusual quirk of referring to her inventions as her 'little ones', almost akin to a mother speaking about their children. This does make for an unusual yet intriguing sight, of what appears to be a small child doting on an older sibling.





While most, if not every design of Elen's has their own individual names, each and every one of them have a special "Model/Serial" that they follow. Using Tama as an example, she is a "Type-4 Zero-Class Biomechanical Arcanic Doll". The first portion, "Type-4", refers to the version. Generally, when the design goes through an upgrade, the model number goes up, starting from 'Type-0(pronounced as Type-oh, rather than Type-zero). This includes existing models that have been refit on the field. Generally, the models are more similar the lower the number, growing vastly different as the number rises, as two models might go through vastly different refits and upgrades. However, generally this changes their class, which is the second part. "Zero-Class", refers the the design's purpose. In this case, Tama was designed as a prototype testbed.

As for the third part, this is where everything gets confusing, and usually requires specific research to understand, as the details of the physical structure is found here. As for this scenario, "Biomechanical Arcanic" refers to The Triad of the World, or more specifically, Technology and Arcane. In Tama's case, she's a homunculi and android hybrid, or a hybrid of arcane and technology. The "Arcanic" term refers to the fact that the design is capable of utilizing arcane itself. Sometimes, there would be a "Possessed" term alongside, which would refer to the Supernatural.

The last and final portion, "Doll", simply refers to it's design base. In this case, it points at how Tama is an artifical construct shaped like a person, hence a 'doll'.

Tama GrummanEdit

Type-4 Zero-Class Biomechanical Arcanic Doll, given name Tama, was designed as a platform for testing experimental technology and features. However, being what is metaphorically a walking testbench, a large amount of said prototypes are only partially completed. However, she was the first doll that was successful in combining both the arcanic methods of creating a homunculi, as well the technological advantages of an android.


  • Her last name is a reference to the company of the same name.
  • Most of her automata's are named after defense contractors.

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