Currently, these are all the Events and Antagonists set to happen on Osaka Gakuin #42. Still work in progress, so please keep that in mind as some events and Antagonists are still being tinkered with and fitted in respectively to match up properly. More to be added as time goes by.

Timeline Edit

  1. Tournament, supposedly.

This is where it splits off into unknown territory, but for organization sake, it's going to be split up into Two Separate Timelines of Events and Antagonists

Event Timeline Edit

  1. Tournament Arc
  2. Otaku Arc

Antagonist Timeline Edit

  1. Genie Arc - Genie Lamp being sold (potentially) by Gyōshōnin, someone buys it as a prank, turns out it's real. Keeps Genie for a bit, Genie eventually tricks the owner, steals his lamp back, wreaks havoc. Is beaten.
  2. Minor-Arc: Urban Myth Arc - Due to the residing residue of the Genie and his reality Magic, Urban Myths of Osaka begin to turn into reality, plaguing the town and school alike.
  3. Ouroboros is largely being tinkered with, and currently anything else behind Genie and Urban Myth Arc is being worked upon. So, from here on, anything else is heavily WIP.
  4. Ouroboros (Start-Baby) Arc - Nature of the Reality Magic and a peculiar Tragic Urban Myth begin taking shape, forming the (Baby) Ouroboros. Defeated extremely easily. First sight of Ouroboros, believed to be defeated for good here before it comes back later due to its nature.
  5. Angeldroid Arc - A powerful Android that has taken the soul of multiple Seraphs attempts to eradicate human beings, converting others to join his cause. This is the odd portion. Two ideas for this, overlaps with the Next Arc, where they both conflict against the other for reasons listed later, as well as the Ouroboros
  6. Bygone 'Ayum (Begin) Arc - First Major Appearance, potentially combat against the Angeldroid. Destroy one of the Angeldroid's labs, filled with Homunculi that it was planning to transcend to its level of existence. One escapes, then becomes the vessel of the Ouroboros energy which then hides away. Angeldroid defeated here.
  7. Ouroboros (Middle-Adolescent) - So, with this set up, Angeldroid would be defeated first, then it'll be a Mini-Arc where the Ouroboros reappears. Causes slight mayhem, is defeated, and reappears again later on.
  8. Bygone 'Ayum (Finish) Arc - Main focus reverts back to the Bygone 'Ayum after their brief disappearance. Are fought against, maybe them fighting back in a Guerrilla Warfare like style. Eventually defeated.

So, the confusing part is 4 through 6. The Angeloid arc takes place through 5 and 6, the appearance of the Bygone 'Ayum being the noticeable portion of 6. After 6, they go into hiding, which is when the Ouroboros appears to be defeated again. Then the Bygone 'Ayum reappear, and get defeated.

As said earlier, all WIP, so none of this is final. Please keep that in mind.