Frequently asked questions about Osaka Gakuin or the Wikia itself.

  • Q: Why was I linked to this page?
    • A: Either the person inviting you was short on time, and chose to use the FAQ page as a stopgap measure of explanation, or they became lazy.
  • Q: What is Osaka Gakuin 42?
    • A: Osaka Gakuin 42 -usually shortened to either OG42, or just OG- is an original universe, created...(WIP)
  • Q: Why is it spelt "Gakuin", and not "Gakuen"?
    • A: Wordplay and gaijin mispelling.
  • Q: Can I make [Blank]?
    • A: Yes! By all means, add content to the world of OG42! Although, just keep in mind of a few details, whether you make locations, species, or characters.
  • Q: Why is no one reviewing my character/species/location/creature/etc not being looked over/reviewed?
    • A: Most likely, the staff are preoccupied by other tasks. Remember to place characters in pending, and link lore based pages in the correct section of the Bulletin Board.
  • Q: Why was my character/species/location/creature/etc rejected?
    • A: There could be a number of reasons behind the review. It may not fit in the OG42 universe, maybe it didn't make sense, or perhaps the character was too far-fatched and overpowered. Read the review carefully, and fix up the issues, before sending it back in for re-review.
  • Q: Why was I kicked/banned from the chat/wikia?
    • A: After being warned, multiple times, for breaking the rules, if you still choose to break said rules, you will get kicked, or temporarily bannned. Please make sure to read the rules!
  • Q: What is the Bulletin Board?
    • A: It's a page meant to organize information for the community to clearly see, as well as a place for members to put up reviewing requests for staff. Think of it like a Quest Board in RPGs, where there will be a section for news, and another for quests(or review request in this case).