History: Edit

Ghosts and Spirits have been around as long as anyone can remember, dating far back before even A.C. Their is no set point on who the first Ghost was, or when they first appeared. This is understandable, given their nature. They have no set hierarchy, simply appearing and “being.” Ghosts are often believed to be invincible by the masses, though this isn’t true. Ghosts can be dealt with in a number of ways, though varies on the type of ghost. Universally, it’s believed to be exorcist magic or scientific means i.e. Ghostbusters, though these are only effective on some ghosts. Some ghosts you can’t be rid of, though those ghosts are harmless.

The only true incorporeal ghost, which surprises most, is the Poltergeist. While not all ghosts have a physical body, they still interact with the world physically. This means that all ghosts are capable of being harmed physically to some degree. Besides that, with the progression of the world's magic and technology, they can even be dealt with those.

Due to the massive lack of organization with Ghosts, they didn't officially reveal themselves so much as people started to suddenly notice them among the various other new species popping up. Some of the more powerful Ghosts may have tried, but as a whole, most Ghosts simply didn't care due to how they're already dead.

Ghosts often avoid one another. They have enough sense to acknowledge where a more powerful one is and not mess with them, but actual interaction is rare, save in set designated locations. Each ghost is powerful in its own right, as their is no hierarchy and simply multiple types, and a powerful enough type of ghost could easily defeat another type of ghost.

As Ghosts are technically dead and being a Ghost is their afterlife, should they die again they do not go towards either Heaven nor Hell. As they tend to keep to themselves, most Ghosts don't interact with the living much, not seeing the need for profit given their circumstances, but a select few Ghosts do have businesses they run in their "haunted" locations.

On these "haunted" locations, powerful Ghosts or a group of Ghosts may set up a field of supernatual origin that goes around an area, which then marks that area as a Haunting. Hauntings are the most widely popular abilities of ghosts, marked haunted locations being explored and feared throughout the ages due to the unnatural chill and feeling that one was being watched.

Nowadays, due to the nature of a majority of the population knowing of their existence, they're not that feared as it marks a designated area where a Ghost is residing. However, more violent Ghosts however tend to attack whoever enters their Haunting, and are still considered threats to this day.

Ghosts are defined as undead beings made up from Spiritual essence, so even if they appear to fall under a different classification, they are still technically Ghosts, and thus can be dealt with in the same way. In most cases.

Notable Ghost Locations Edit

Scurvy Sails Edit

An entire fleet of ships that is actually one large cohesive Residual Ghost, serving as the Active variety.

It's namesake comes due to the large amount of disease prevalent on these ships, laced into the Spectral Energy that tends to nauseate any living that set-foot onto any of the ships. Most living won't experience anything more severe than sea-sickness or scurvy, save if they stay remained on the Scurvy Sails for an extended period of time of more than 24 hours, anything more giving the living a myriad of diseases such a measles, scarlet fever, and even the black plague.

Ghosts are immune to this affect, and while other Undead are immune to physically feeling ill, their bodies are not immune to growing large bumps and puss, their bodies rotting at dangerous rates due to this. Revenants are exempt from this due to their disease manipulation.

The Scurvy Sails acts more as a hide-away for Ghosts, specifically those of the criminal inclination. More Aquatic Ghosts may take refuge here as well, though it's largely just criminal Ghosts. Some living may choose to stay aboard to high away from officials, though this isn't for very extended periods of time due to the disease bringing effect.

Only the strong are allowed onboard the Scurvy Sails, a test in the form of a duel being necessary to gain access. Should someone lose, they're tossed overboard. Should they win, they're welcomed with open arms, allowing open-access to the Scurvy Sails basic functions and entertainment. Should one wish to go further into the more advanced and darker happenings within the Scurvy Sails, the same test applies in the form of a duel.

As mentioned earlier, the Scurvy Sails is a mass-fleet of ships, though these are all ships from different time periods. From Chinese Junks, to 1500's Dutch Ships, to 1600's English Trading ships, to the more rare 2000's fishing vessels, to 1300's Pirate ships. All these ships are connected to the Scurvy Sails, sailing its course as an inter-connected jumble. While travel between these ships would normally be inconvenient, each one is interconnected through portals, allowing quick and easy access without the need to cross the ocean.

While it's odd for these ships through the ages to be seen together, the Scurvy Souls is a unique Residual Ghost in that it's able to expand itself from ships it lays siege to and conquers, the Ghosts within claiming it as a Haunting and conjoining it with the rest of the fleet. This can be even be done if the ship is destroyed and sinking, as long as there's enough parts remaining to make a Haunting. While some would think this gives the Scurvy Sails great naval power, this isn't the case. Their power comes from the Ghosts present inside, as their most powerful form of naval warfare (canon-balls), isn't going to do much to modern ships, making their naval power near zero.

While many, inversely, would think because of this, destroying the Scurvy Sails is simple, this isn't the case either. The Ghosts within serve as both it's offense and defense, and even then should it be destroyed completely, it will simply reappear at another point due to it's nature as a Residual Ghosts. As such, most of the Ghosts within have no problem abandoning ship, knowing it will simply comeback, unlike their lives.

The nature of the Scurvy Sail's path is rather odd due to the large amount of ships within, it's main course between the course of China and Japan. The nature of capturing ships involve taking the Scurvy Sails and sailing it around, running into one by chance and then taking it for themselves. By the day's end, at exactly 3 AM sharp, the Scurvy Sails will then transport back to its original sailing part, starting the course again from the beginning.

However, while it's main course is between the coast of Japan and Osaka, the Scurvy Sails will occasionally transport itself to the starting point of a captured ship instead, this happening periodically ever 6 days, this altered course lasting another 6 before being reverted back to its original course between Japan and China. With all the captured ships, this means the Scurvy Sails can be suddenly transported to various locations on the sea around the world, such as along the coast of Britain due to a captured British ship from centuries before.

Due to this, tracking the Scurvy Sails is rather difficult, its location changing sporadically every 6 days.

With all the various ships, each one is assigned a purpose. The supply ship, the dueling ship, the entertainment ship, and so on.

Purgatory Edit

Rather than one location, Purgatory is in fact multiple locations. Purgatory is a large chain of bars placed around in the world, both in major cities and in small-time towns, no discrimination between location and often being seen as scattered around randomly.

How each Purgatory looks is left up whichever Ghost runs it, some appearing as high-class bars fit for nobles, while others appeared as more rustic and rundown. Each Purgatory is run by one Ghost that claims it as their own, setting it up as their Haunting and running that select bar to the best of their abilities.

Each Purgatory runs under the same rules as the Purgatory a few miles over, and the Purgatory some miles further still. They all instill the same rules, acting as a gathering place for Ghosts with loosely strict enforcement. If any other race wishes to gain entry. they'll need to have an Afterlife ticket, allowing them one-time access to a Purgatory and its services. Alternatively, they could have an Afterlife card, granting them permanent access. These are only ever single person use, never for groups.

Acquiring one of these is extremely difficult, as the only people who make them Ghosts who own a Purgatory, who then in turn give to other Ghosts that enter and exit Purgatory. The most common way is buying one off a Ghost, or bargaining. Cards are exclusively only handed out by Purgatory owners, no other Ghost having access to them.

Reasoning for this system is several. Purgatory is unique compared to other Hauntings, in that each Purgatory is connected to every other Purgatory. If one wishes, they could use Purgatory as a teleportation hotspot, bypassing the need for transportation entirely as it takes one to any other Purgatory they wish to be taken to. Due to to the sheer amount of Purgatories, each one has a special room somewhere within labeled as the teleportation room, having long-lines of doors that lead to a different Purgatory each.

Most Living don't go to Purgatory for the alcohol or camaraderie, but rather, simply for the convenience of travel. As such, Purgatory owners began regulating this, the existence of cards and tickets being born from this. Purgatory does not take part in criminal activities nor does it accept them, every Purgatory shunning them from their doors, no exceptions.

While all Ghosts are allowed free-access (save for the above mentioned criminals), some living may think it's simple to ignore Purgatory's rules and waltz right in, defeating the guards outside to then use Purgatory's services as they please. This is however not the case. Each owner of a Purgatory is highly capable in combat, able to throw out even the rowdiest of customers, and even then should they be unable, all Purgatories are connected and will know when one is being attacked.

As such, in attacking one Purgatory, you attack all of them, essentially making an entire army of Ghosts your enemy as they pour in through the portals to avenge their fallen.

For the most part however, Purgatory is a friendly little bar and meet-up for Ghosts, a place to kick-back and down their afterlife woes, look for information, or use as convenient transportation.

Types Edit

Apparitions Edit

The most popular and commonly seen Ghost. They aren't people so much as they are floating left over spiritual energy taking form, often appearing as wisps or large floating balls or similar misshapen shapes. They don't tend to be big, no large than palm-sized, and can always be found in large groups together.

Most tend to be blue to represent their passive nature, while violent ones tend to appear as red, the more mischievous showing as green, and ones that don't care being yellow. A myriad of Apparitions of different colors can be found in one location however, typically in places with mixed and blurred history, such as abandoned motels or hotel rooms.

They're capable of possessing inanimate objects and have them float around (if they're not held in place), and are also capable of basic functions with these objects. This includes opening and shutting an umbrella, or turning a vacuum on/off while moving it around. They are incapable of possessing anything that's alive, including plants.

While Apparitions have some thought, this is animalistic at best, only performing simple actions and possessions based on whims to pull tricks or to defend against attackers. Due to the nature of Apparitions, how they act generally depends on the location.

Apparitions left in a run-down hotel will tend to be friendlier and only pull the occasional trick, while Apparitions in a Ghost town tend to simply not care about anyone who wanders in and stick to themselves, and Apparitions in a Mansion where all the residents were slaughtered will tend to be more aggressive and attack anyone who enters.

Apparitions are universally weak in power scaling, and aren't much threat save for their numbers. They have a gelatinous like structure that renders most blunt attacks as useless, as all it does is send them flying and disorientate them. They can however be crushed, stabbed, and sliced with relative ease. Magical and elemental attacks fall under this as well, though Apparitions are immune to any form of ice attack.

While they're possession can be seen as troublesome, they can be removed from their object through scientific ways, exorcism, or by simply breaking the object they're in.

Due to their nature, Apparitions were never technically /alive/ to begin with, and as such only appear as spiritual orbs. They are very capable of levitating and going through walls, and a large group of them (at least 20) can set up a Haunting.

Entities Edit

Entities are a special form of Apparition, made from a large mass of Apparitions slowly combining overtime to form one cohesive being. This process can take years, a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 50. It depends on the amount of Apparitions present, the minimum of 20 Apparitions taking 1 year, which than slowly increases from there. The Entities power varies depending on the amount of years it took for it to be fully made.

Entities hold the same traits as Apparitions do, their temperaments depending on their location and their damage resistance being the same. In their case, it's only heightened, though does branch out depending on the type of Entity.

Same as Apparitions as well, they can freely levitate and go through walls, and one Entity alone is capable of setting up a Haunting.

Sentient Edit

These Entities are manly of the blue and green variant, occasionally appearing from the yellow variant of Apparitions as well. Some Sentient Entities appear as a mixture of the three, even rarer ones having bits of red Apparitions in them. Through their mass combination they gain a more humanoid form, usually being no bigger than 6'2". They are capable of high thought and reasoning, having the same level of intellect as most normal people. Should they please, a Sentient Entities' are capable of shape-shifting to some degree, able to give themselves tails or appear older than they actually or, or even take the form of a chair. What they change too can't be overly complex, and it can't be bigger than their current size either.

While classified as Ghosts due to their spiritual nature, due to their own nature as an amalgamation of Apparitions, they have no true memory of being "alive." Rather, they have the memories of all the conjoined Apparitions, and as such have a full encyclopedia memory of whatever location they were born in, knowing every little obscure detail and fact about each nook and cranny.

Sentient Entities aren't that great combat wise on their own, having no knowledge of it for the most part. While they can practice magic or dive into technology, this tends to happen by chance based on their location, as most Sentient Entities don't leave their Hauntings. Those more bold and curious can leave these however to explore the outside world they have no experience with, but these are few and far between.

Sentient Entities gain a higher resistance to magical and elemental attacks, and are widely considered the most adept users of Spectral Energy. Most can mold it into any shape they please, and can even use it to boost their magical attacks, or coat their physical attacks with it for a chilling edge and a more devastating impact. Basic to advanced shaping with it, really, some able to make simple singular objects such as pans and weak-barriers, more advanced ones able to form multiple objects around them and of larger objects, usually no bigger than a wall.

More advanced Sentient Entities can wield the chilling effects to simulate a tundra, freezing the area and those around them. They can also aim directly at an opponents soul, bypassing basic armor and enchantments they have in place to damage them directly, as well as leave chilling effects there that may leave the affect part of the body useless and frozen. This tends to give a mixture of internal and external damage, due to the nature of the soul.

Keep in mind, both of these are highly advanced techniques, meaning most basic and even moderate Sentient Entities should not be able to properly do these.

Savage Edit

Entities that retain their animalistic thought and nature, becoming outright beastly in temperament. They are solely made up of red Apparitions, only occasionally having some yellow variants in them, the rare entirely yellow Savage Entity being an uncommon oddity. Mixture Savage Entities of the 4 colors aren't uncommon, but it more so results in the red apparitions forcing the others to combine or simply devouring them for themselves before combining on their own.

Savage Entities retain their ball-like shape, though are considerably larger, starting at 8'0" and only increasing from there. Begin to appear more beast-like as well, the danger levels of a Savage Entity able to be told simple by how beastly they look compared to their typical ball-like shape. Should they appear as a beast entirely and have no trace of their ball shape, then it's best to run.

Savage Entities are their namesake, entirely savage to the point they attack even the smallest bit of life that enters their Haunting.

They're more resistant to physical attacks, sporting higher physical power that can tear down walls with ease. The basic ones don't have Spectral Arts, but the more advanced ones use it to get through armor and buff their own attacks. At higher stages, it's typically always on during combat, acting as an area of effect that lightly freezes anything around them, and can even become more focused to act as large chilling beams that freeze their prey solid.

Unlike other Ghosts however, Savage Entities feast on the souls of those they prey upon, adding it to their conjoined mass to make themselves even stronger overtime.

Onryo Edit

Ghosts that appear back in the physical world only seeking vengeance, fueled by feelings of jealousy, rage, and hatred. Most are oddly female, though there are the rare few male. Typically, they have long stringy hair that covers their ghastly faces, along with all white clothing and unnaturally pale skin, almost blue. Their bodies ghostly bodies appear as how they died, meaning if one died with a gaping chest wound or a burned face, they will have that. Given their nature, they are universally always killed horrifically, a "beautiful" Onryo being quite rare, hence they hide their wounds with their stringy hair.

Are more powerful the stronger the grudge, and are able to cast powerful curses. These curses are typically only able to be aimed at and effective against the target of their grudge, though can also be used against anyone else that upsets them. They Induce fear with presence alone, sometimes powerful enough ones (though rare) can paralyze people with this.

Relentlessly chase the object of their grudge, most passing on once it's brutally murdered. Some manage to stay in the physical world afterwards however, though severely weaker, barely having access to any of their previous abilities. The few curses they are left with are hindrances at best, while their fear inducement serves more as a slight chill than anything. Gaining this power back would require another grudge to fuel themselves and their abilities, once again.

Some, rather than have a specific grudge aimed at an individual, have a grudge aimed at a group of people, attacking any person from that group they set their sets on. This can include connection to an organization, to race, to gender, to even appearance. An example of this would be an Onryo having been betrayed by a man with blue eyes and black hair, so from then on they attack anybody with both blue eyes and black hair.

Most Onryo tend to be mobile, chasing the target of their grudge, though some choose to stay stationary and set up a Haunting to then attack anyone that fits in the criteria of their grudge. The more aggressive ones will likely do this, vengeance aimed at all the living, though these are a rare few. In most cases, Onryo don't care about anything outside their grudge, tending to ignore most other living.

For an Onryo, they lose every ability they had in life, everything being tossed aside for their grudge. If one had a technological implant, they do not keep it. Everything is replaced with their current Onryo abilities, being the curse, fear inducement, and so on. They cannot float nor can they go through walls. While Onryo are capable of setting up Hauntings, only a rare few actually do this.

As for their Spectral Energy, Onryo are capable of wielding it to further induce their fear inducement, offering a chilling misty vapor around them that lightly freezes weak materials. More powerful Onryo can use this to freeze someone's very soul in place, making it extremely difficult for them to move.

More advancely, capable Onryo are able to mold their Spectral Energy into sharp, bladed weapons for them to wield. These have an odd nature, being dull for things the Onryo is fine with, mildly sharpened for when Onryo are hostile, and become deadly sharp upon being aimed at a target of their grudge. Due to its nature, these can be aimed at someone's soul at higher levels, able to cut through them cleanly, and also able to leave frostbite like effects.

Even higher level Onryo are able to fuse their Spectral Energy into curses, able to "cut" those they hold a grudge for from a distance within sight.

Revenant Edit

A subspecies of an Onryo, made from similar circumstances, though with slight variations.

Unlike Onryo, these actually have a physical body, their spirit finding its way and attaching itself to their corpse. This happens for similar reasons to Onryo, due to a grudge, but Revenants grudges are more justifiable in most cases. Look the way they do at the time of their death, their appearances often being unnerving for some due to this. Other than that, still react and respond the same way living people do. While they have a physical body, they still act as Ghosts, not needing to eat and largely unaging once one takes control of their body.

They move the same way a living person does, but don't experience the pain of it, such as breaking a bone, being stabbed, or being set on fire. As such, theoretically, one could pop their joints for odder movements. Besides that, the only real benefits they get from their corpse is improved healing and higher durability. Due to the nature of them being dead, they can reattach limbs (including decapitation) and can repair holes and internal damage fairly easily using their spirit, though, too much damage will end up killing them again.

Can manipulate disease, though, this has limits. This is limited to bacterial and viruses, sometimes even fungal. Things such as mental and sexual diseases are unavailable, only having ones that affect the body. Examples include pneumonia, the flu, and so on.

Revenants appear after a wrongful death to bring judgement on their perpetrators and all those associated with them, acting as avengers of sorts that right the evils brought upon them. As compared to Onryo, Revenant are always universally just in their cause, if morally gray due to their methods, as compared to Onryo which are only grudge fueled and hardly ever just, Onryo really only being just in their own warped eyes.

Revenants do keep their personal abilities, however they're only about 50% as capable as they were in life. As it is their physical body rather than a spiritual one, should they have had technological implants, they will keep them as well. Revenants are incapable of setting up Hauntings, and even if they could, most wouldn't as staying in one place won't help acquiring vengeance.

In terms of Spectral Energy, Revenants are only capable of the basic. They can coat their arms in it, making physical hits chill those in contact, and launch out beams of their Spectral Energy with swings. Revenants tend to be more physical based due to this, even magical ones acting more as mage-knights. As per most Ghosts, more advanced Revenants can use their Spectral Energy to freeze anything they hit, as well as bypass armor and aim directly for the soul. More advanced Revenants can use their vengeance to boost their Spectral Energy, lowering its temperature to lethal levels that may freeze and crumble away most things.

More minorly, some Revenants can temporarily detach themselves from their body to explore, though in spirit form are incapable of attacking or defending. They as wisps that hold an odd shape of their face during this, able to levitate and go through walls. However, in doing this, they leave their body totally defenseless. As well as that, leaving their body out without their soul halting the decomposing process will have it quickly fall apart, becoming beyond repair in 2 minutes flat. Anything after that the spirit cannot heal, and they die (again) completely as what anchors them to the world falls apart.

Poltergeist Edit

Troublesome and annoying ghosts that are difficult to handle, as they are incorporeal. The only type of Ghost that's capable of becoming incorporeal as well. While directly they can’t harm anyone, they can possess inanimate objects to do so, often “picking them up” and “throwing them,” or jumbling up several to make an assorted golem like body made from random lying around objects. Powerful Poltergeists can morph objects into different shapes, such as splintering a chair into wooden golem to use as a puppet. Those are their only abilities.

Poltergeists always automatically set up Hauntings upon being awakened, being unable to leave them no matter what. Poltergeists tend to be appear for a myriad of reasons, more often than not due to a improper burial combined with other minor ones. These minor reasons can either be some lingering attachment to the place, a placed curse taken affect and summoning them, and other such abnormalities. Act as guard dogs of sorts, defending their set location with their (re)lives, scaring away anyone who dares enter and defile it. The more violent ones may simply choose to dispose any who enter.

Some can be reasoned with to move on from death, or defeated and ridden of by other magical or scientific means. Alternatively, a Poltergeist can be tricked to show itself, allowing physical damage to defeat it. Their final resting place may also be found and given a proper burial, which then forcibly cuts off the Poltergeists connection to the realm of the living as they pass away for good. Either of these are viable ways to deal with a Poltergeists, though in regards to their burial, desecrating it again has a chance to bring one back if defeated in that manner.

As they can become incorporeal, they can both float and go through walls. Poltergeist lose all abilities they had in life, and their bodies hold no technological implants.

Poltergeists set up Hauntings automatically once waking up, though are unique in that every object inside their Haunting is entirely in their control. This makes Poltergeists powerful nuisances if one is aggravated, able to assault someone from all angles with miscellaneous objects. They can't harness Spectral Energy in normal ways, only being able to form themselves as mistlike clouds that leave a light freezing trail behind them. More powerful Poltergeists can leave behind a completely freezing trail, being able to freeze an entire hallway solid simply by walking through it.

Phantoms Edit

Unlike other Ghosts, there are two kinds of Phantoms. Those that are living and those that are passed away. Technically speaking, all Phantoms are dead as they are ghosts, but due to their nature, they are referred to as "Living" Phantoms as compared to "Passed Away" Phantoms.

Living Edit

Sad, almost tragic ghosts that are unaware they are dead. They continue life as if it’s normal, the memories of their death and anything leading up to it sealed. Phantoms are trapped in the physical plane to complete one final important task, or to inform others more capable of completing this task to do it for them. Due to this, Phantoms are typically the victims of murders, or dead beings with connection to family members.

However, due to their sealed memories, whatever the important task was, they are doomed to never recall it without outside assistance, the thought forever lingering over their heads and tormenting them. With that, it should be difficult to tell a Phantom if they have a family or something similar, just the presence of their dead member being their being a red flag.

However, Phantom's presences alone lock the memories of those around them as well, making practically anyone with connections to them forget they ever died, even the murderer (if there is one), giving them the same lingering thought curse as the Phantom has. The only person who can recognize what a Phantom really is an outside party with no connection to them whatsoever who notices the abnormalities. Anyone who makes a connection with the Phantom after their death is unaffected by their presence.

If a Phantom attempts to recall or investigate any of these abnormalities themselves, they'll get a splintering headache until they stop attempting so and go back to their daily routine. A strong-willed enough Phantom may resist this however and investigate anyway, the pain disappearing should they find the truth, though this is quite difficult. Should they recall, others will not however, and must experience the same pain as the Phantom should they themselves attempt to investigate as well.

Though, if they do find out, the pain disappears as well. As such, even if a Phantom remembers their fate, others will not. As said earlier, the only ones immune are those with no connections to Phantoms. Phantoms are still capable of everything they were during life, though to a lesser and weaker degree, only being about 50% of what they were truly capable of in life.

A Phantom deteriorates over a course of three years, all knowledge of their existence from the minds of those connected to them gradually deteriorating away as well, until all memory of their existence is wiped away. Material objects, such as photos, still have them, but anyone who looks at it will be unable to recall who the person is.

A Phantom may disappear sooner should they simply die again, their existence wiped away this way as well. The fate of all Phantoms is the same for those connected with them, their existence being forgotten. The only way to counter this is to inform someone of the Phantoms existence before their total disappearance. After their disappearance, it's near impossible.

Phantoms look exactly the same as they did in life, though are in Spiritual bodies rather than physical. They cannot, however, go through walls or anything of the like.

Phantoms are one of the two Ghosts that retain all their abilities, even racial abilities and technological implants. This is for the sake of preserving their identity, and as mentioned previously, Phantoms are severely weaker than they were in life, being only 50% of their natural strength. They are essentially the same as they were in life, though only in a spiritual body now, and weaker.

They are incapable of setting up Hauntings, and are unable to utilize their Spectral Energy as well. Consciously, that is. Should a Living Phantom undergo intense emotional stress, they will find the area around them beginning to freeze. If one should learn of their death, they will be able to consciously use their Spectral Energy, though effectiveness varies.

Passed Away Edit

Beings who awoken as Ghosts to fulfill one great purpose they were supposed to yet didn't have a chance to during life, mirroring Living Phantoms greatly in that its crucially important. That's where the similarities end however.

A Passed Away Phantom might as well be the inverse of a Living Phantom in nearly everyone, as a Passed Away Phantom awakens knowing they're a ghost. But, they no memories of their life while alive. This makes fulfilling their task extremely difficult, to virtually impossible, as while they know they have a task, not a single one ever remembers it. Most are forced to investigate their own death and the lead-up to it, due to it, taking the pieces and placing them together to attempt to fight the truth and fulfill their task.

As for what memories they lose, nearly everything. At best, most only recall their names. They keep their personal abilities, but more often than not forget they have them, and even how to use them properly. They of course know basic functions, such as how to walk and talk, but in extreme cases, some Passed Away Phantoms forget their own language and lose the ability to read, appearing only as gibberish to them.

In the case of forgetting skills, such as cooking, spells, and fighting, this depends. All Phantoms forget them, though some may find their "uncanny" skill in these skills should they dabble in them, this in fact being their Spiritual body retaining the knowledge of the physical body, slowly and gradually giving them the knowledge they lost back, Other Phantoms may find themselves unable to recall them no matter what they do, instead having a "feeling" they used to be good at it, but all knowledge lost as they're reverted back to a novice.

This of course only makes completing their task even harder, not having the means to do it nearly half the time. In the case of people and locations, they don't recall anything, no matter what they try. It'll be similar to attempting to remember skills when they can't, having a "feeling" they know a person or location, but being unable to recall even a scrap of a memory related to either. In terms of worldly knowledge, Passed on Phantoms only ever retain the basics, such as country names, how to use a telephone, what an umbrella is, and so on. Anything complex such as politics and brand economics is forgotten.

To make their situation even harder, Passed on Phantoms cannot be seen or heard by the living. Should one wave their arms frantically in front of someone alive while shouting in their face, there would be no reaction. This spreads over to just about every race, save for other Ghosts which can both see and hear Passed on Phantoms.

A Passed on Phantom can physically react with the world, however, the world cannot physically interact with them. A Passed On Phantom can freely pick up a stapler and wave it around, everyone in the vicinity able to see it, yet if someone swings in the area they're in, it will harmlessly go through them. While this sounds like it could lead to nefarious purposes of harming others with little consequence, due to the nature of how Passed on Phantoms are made and their character, this is largely unlikely to ever happen, as they'd be more focused on finding the truth.

Even if they could. Passed on Phantoms have the strength of an average human, making them incredibly weak, and any item or weapon they wield is still physical and can be blocked accordingly.

If a container was dropped on a Passed On Phantom, it would crash to the ground and the Phantom would be perfectly fine, the container going through them. While some would consider this being incorporeal, as the Phantom is able to still physically interact with the physical world, it's technically not. The only way to harm a Passed on Phantom is by being able to see them, which can be done through magical or technological preparation.

Much like Living Phantoms, Passed on Phantoms have a set time frame before they disappear, which to further ruin their circumstance, is a period of 3 weeks to investigate their own murder and discover the task they were supposed to accomplish. As all memories are lost however, and with every other downside of being a Passed on Phantom, this is extremely difficult, and most never manage to accomplish it. Passed on Phantoms will have a nagging feeling of what their task was should get close to discovering it, acting as a form of "hot cold" mental sensor that nags the closer and closer they are to discovering it with the more pieces they get.

Some rare few Passed on Phantoms that complete their task can will themselves to remain in the realm of the living, able to reset their 3 week counter continuously now that the reason for its cause has been solved. These rare few Passed on Phantoms tend to live by themselves, or more commonly choose to assist others in their own investigations to have them avoid the same plight they did

Passed on Phantoms can freely go through walls, though they cannot levitate. While they do retain personal abilities, as said earlier, they forget how to use them properly. They do not retain any technological implants they had. They're incapable of setting up Hauntings, and their Spectral Energy is the most basic of all ghosts, only able to make small minor tools such as spoons or screw-drivers, and only minorly chill over things they place their hands on.

Residual Edit

More an entire event than a ghost. An instance or person locked into place, forever repeating itself for all to see. It’s unknown why this happens, as the theory of historical relevance was shot down when small civil events ended up as residual ghosts as well. Strange “ghosts” appear from this, such as disappearing and reappearing buildings, and the more popular ghost ships.

Residual Ghosts don't dissipate, always disappearing and reappearing. While an active one may feel physical, in reality it's all Spiritual. There's no way to get rid of a Residual Ghost, permanently anyway. Should they be dealt with magically, technologically, or destroyed completely physical, they simply reappear again later. As said earlier, it's unknown how or why Residual Ghosts are made, appearing to simply happen by chance.

Residual Ghosts are the one Ghost that allow any creature to become a Ghost, even those with ties to the afterlife such as Angels and Demons, and those without souls such as Androids and Homunculi. They are also the second of the two Ghosts that allow them to retain their abilities fully, each and every single one, such as racial, magical, physical prowess, technological implants, and all that fun. As Residual Ghosts are recorded events, this only makes sense.

By default, any area where a Residual Ghost appears is then turned into a Haunting, no exceptions made. Residual Beings are unable to leave from these, as they're locked in place. Due to their nature, they are incapable of utilizing Spectral Energy, though perpetually allude a fine chilling mist that's usually a dead giveaway when one has stepped into a Residual Event, run into a Residual Being, or somehow stumbled inside a Residual Building or object.

There are two types of Residual Ghosts, Active, and Static.

Static Edit

Static ones can't be interacted with, only watched, and are more illusions than anything. A Static Residual Ghost will perform the same actions over and over again, without fault or purpose, stuck doing this eternally until the world's end. They are incapable of being touched, nothing able to veer them off their course from doing whatever task they are destined to repeat. Emitting smell largely depends, and is a rare trait for both the humanoid and inanimate ones.

Static Residual Ghosts don't need to specifically be an event, person, or object either. Sound can be left over sounds in a Haunting, such as perpetual screaming at an appointed time, the sound of a piano where there is none, the knocking on a door despite no one being there, and so on.

Active Edit

These can be interacted with, physically and magically. If it's a Residual person, they can be talked too, and touched as well. However, once they disappear and reappear, their memories of the interaction will be gone, and it'll be as if meeting them again for the first time. Residual Events are much the same way, the people inside them behaving the same. Residual objects follow the same principal, something like a Ghost ship, if it's destroyed, will simply reappear at its starting point again brand-new later on.

Any damage an Active Residual Ghost does to someone living is permanent however, making encounters with them quite annoying. The timeframe it takes for one to appear again upon being destroyed varies, appearing to be sporadic and unique for each Active Residual Ghost.

Oddly enough for Active Residual Buildings and Vehicles, should one be inside them, upon resetting at the days end, it will act as a teleportation of sorts, taking them to the Active Residual Ghost's starting point, before then heading off again down its predetermined path. Due to the nature of Active Residual Ghosts, these paths can be changed, but the starting point will always be the same.

Wraith Edit

A rare ghost made from Sinners that for one reason or another, didn't appear in Hell to be punished. Have traces of hellish energies around them however. Wraiths are different from other ghosts, as due to their nature, they are being pulled towards Hell constantly while being anchored towards Earth, essentially pulling them apart. Due to this, they need to sustain themselves to stay on earth’s plane of existence.

To do this, they need to drain the life of other beings, leaving a “drained-dry” affect afterwards, appearing empty of any liquids before dissolving into dust. Wraith's bodies are spiritually, and look the same as when they were alive. They do leave wisps whenever they move however, and oddly have a somewhat visible color outline around themselves. Common colors usually include blue, red, and green, though some variations between them have been reported as well, if uncommon.

As said earlier, a Wraith can drain the life of other living beings, including plants and animals. For common Wraiths, this can only be done with touch, while for higher more powerful versions this can be done with from a distant, or with certain more complex spells. The more life is drained, the more powerful a wraith may become overtime. With excess life drained, Wraiths can harness it into powerful Spiritual Energy that they can manifest typically in only one specific, albeit devastating, way.

This can include energy akin to lightning, powerful explosive bolts, large familiar like hands, and so on. Peaceful Wraiths that decide to atone or remain neutral can sustain themselves by only draining the life of plants, choosing not to harm other living beings. Wraiths are capable of everything they were in life, as well as being able to fly and go through walls now. Despite their Hellish connections, due to their Spiritual nature, Holy Magic does not offer bonus damage against them.

As they're stuck between two realms, Wraiths do keep their personal abilities, however they are weakened as well. Wraiths are actually at about 25% with these, however it raises with the more life they drain. Wraiths do not keep technological implants.

Wraiths are capable of establishing Hauntings, though Spectral Energy is odder. While they're able to use it, as they're stuck between both realms, they aren't able to use it very effectively. They can bolster their attacks made from draining life, and can convert any life they've drained into Spectral Energy, able to use this over-excessive amount to freeze the surrounding area, make weapons, or cast chilling ice-based attacks.

More advanced Wraiths can combine their life drain with their Spectral Energy, able to "freeze" the life of something they target that then puts them in a frozen stasis, stuck in place as they then remain unaging. This can be cast a singular attack, an AoE effect, or even a curse. The time it lasts varies on the level of the Wraith, often for eternity in the case of a curse, though the effects can be removed with outside help.

Bogeymen Edit

A branch-off of Wraiths, having similar circumstances but are slightly different. They're more often than not the souls of deceased tricksters, jesters, and more obviously Sinners. Rather than absorb life to sustain themselves however, they live off of fear.

Bogeymen live and feed off of fear their base appearance differing from person to person based on their biggest fears and nightmares. The main reason for this is, Bogeyman have no base appearance. Unlike Wraiths, Bogeymen are more violently torn apart between both realms, their existence being more unstable, and as such they take the fears of others to shape their body to stay in the realm of the living.

When there are no people around, they can feast on the linger fear left with a location, taking the form of a monster people have rumored to have lingered there. More stable Bogeyman can amass the fears they've gathered to one that vaguely looks as they did while alive. However, due to the "fears" portion, this tends to give Bogeymen extremely unsettling appearances to downright horrifying, common appearances include having a torn open chest with organs dangling out, gaping holes across the body that seep blood, long stringy centipede like limbs, and so on.

They can choose to take someone's fears to alter their appearance, more often than not doing so in order to make themselves more stable. While their form is unstable, they can still be attacked if one appears, and tend to be more susceptible than other Ghosts to "die" again due to their instability.

They're able to make intricate illusions that induce all the senses, allowing them to become solid and harm others. A basic levels, Bogeyman can make an illusion span about an entire hallway. While with this, they could practically make anything they want, Bogeymen are limited to making hallucinations based on the fears of those around them, the location they're in, and the fears of those they've gathered.

Besides their illusions, they also have dream manipulation to cause heart-rending nightmares to those asleep, and can even dive into someone's dream to haunt them continuously for nights on end. Can manifest some parts of the dreamworld thanks to their dream manipulation, though as their illusions, this is limited to those around them.

While they don't necessarily harm people, some people do die from Bogeymen due to intense fear. Due to their nature, Bogeymen do not keep any of their personal abilities, nor do they keep technological implants. They are able to float around and go through walls.

Bogeymen are capable of setting of Hauntings, feeding on the fear placed in that location, or may choose to wander and take the fears of those they encounter along the way. In terms of Spectral Energy, Bogeyman are the best with environmental effects, able to emit a chilling mist that covers a wide area that blinds and unnerves those inside. Higher level Bogeyman can even have their mist freeze someone's very soul, acting as a continuous debuff that slows their movements before they're frozen in place entirely.

Much odder, their Spectral Energy takes a gelatinous form, able to shoot it out as goo. While it has the same chilling properties, it's also much stickier, able to hold someone in place to make it more difficult to run. Due to its gelatinous nature, it also makes a surprisingly potent defense, it's gelatinous nature able absorb the force of most attacks, though can be pierced and destroyed with enough intensity.

Lich Edit

Ghosts that appear by having their souls connected to an object via spell during life, staying in the physical plane of existence so long as the object remains in tact. It takes awhile for the Soul to manifest itself in the physical plane however. Usually have their soul mixed with their corpse, though due to the time it takes for said Soul to manifest, it's skeletal remains at that point.

These are typically the souls of powerful magic users who use this cheat-method to extend their life, giving them faux immortality as long as the object their soul is tied to is fine. They are capable of everything they were in life, both while possessing their chosen object and while outside it. Liches appear the same as they did in life, or their soul does anyway. It does look somewhat translucent however, some light going through them and allowing visibility pas them.

At base, they can go out in a radius of 50 meters from their chosen object, the number getting higher the more powerful the Lich. As said earlier, the object they choose can be just about anything, so long as it remains in tact once their soul reawakens. A crown, their corpse, a sword, and similar trinkets. Liches will either possess their object and use it similar to a puppet, or wield it for themselves. While inconvenient, due to the 50 meter restriction, they need to move the object with them constantly. Extremely powerful Lich can tie their souls to an entire location rather than object, these Lich being the deadliest.

While a Lich's soul may be killed, it will simply reappear again so long as the object they are tied to remains intact, taking a few hours. If the object they're tied to is destroyed, their soul dissipates away immediately. Liches, are capable of flight, during possession and outside it as well. They can only go through walls outside possession however.

Liches retain their personal abilities, and should they choose their body to possess, if their body had a technological implant than they will obviously keep it. However, while in Spirit form they will not have this implant.

Liches are capable of setting up Hauntings, and their Spectral Energy tends to the most ice-based, if not entirely ice at that point, acting as basic ice control. They're only able to control their own Spectral Energy as ice however, normal ice based attack still susceptible to harm them, though they have slight resistance against it. More advanced Liches can use this to freeze someone's soul, able to do so to portion of one's body to give a form of internal and external frost bite that renders that portion of the body useless.

Spirits Edit

Not to be confused with Natural Spirits, such as Earth Spirits, these are Undead Spirits. The two are mixed up quite a bit. Have the physiology of however they died to harm people in much the same way. I.e. if one died by a cactus, they’d be a Cactus Spirit and able to make certain parts of their body, if not their entire one, into a cactus.

If one died to a fire, they'd be able to turn parts of their body into fire, be able to manipulate it, and turn into fire in general. If one to die to a car, they'd be a Car Spirit, and able to turn portions of their party to similar functions such as their legs into tires, and their entire body into a car should they please. If one were to die to a shark, they could turn portions of their body shark-like, and their entire body in a shark.

They can float and go through walls besides their odd physiology, and they look the same too, but pale and somewhat translucent. This pale translucency applies to their odd physiology as well. Spirits also have colored flames on tips of their body or floating around them, flickering intensely whenever they use one of their abilities.

Spirits also have the highest Spiritual energy compared to other Ghosts, something that besides allowing them to change their physiology so easily, will rarely grant a second ability based on their regrets, desires, and ambitions. This is sometimes translated in the oddest ways however, sometimes giving someone who wishes to run teleportation rather than a simple speed boost.

Spirits are the souls of powerful warriors that refused to die for one reason or other, typically because they held regrets they wished to redeem, desires they wished to fulfill, or ambitions they aimed to accomplish. While typically warriors, someone with the strength, will, and drive matching a warrior may become a Spirit as well.

Spirits retain their personal abilities, but do not keep technological implants. Spirits are capable of setting up Hauntings, though their Spectral Energy is odd. Due to their combat capabilities, their Spectral Arts often go in tandem with their physiology, as well as their (if given) second ability, giving ice-based effects to both.

Playability Edit

Onryo are playable, though, due to their nature, this would be after they've fulfilled their grudge. Poltergeists and any Ghost that has set up a haunting are location based, so are more NPC due to their constraints. Phantoms are a bit tricky, as one could be made playable, but it would have to be with an already existing student. Residual are NPC. Revenants are playable, as are Wraiths, but Wraiths must be moderate in strength. Only 3rd year Wraiths may drain from a distance. Bogeymen and Liches are playable. Spirits are playable, though, the rare few with second abilities are only second years and above. Any Ghost with Spectral Energy pertaining to the soul must be third-years and above.

Anything that can die may become a Ghost, however, they lose any racial ability they had prior. As for their own personal abilities, such as own practiced magic, physical prowess, psychic capabilities, and even tech implants, these are detailed in each Ghost's individual section. Those barred from becoming a Ghost due to connections to the afterlife are Demons, Angels, and any Undead such as Vampires. Those barred from becoming a ghost for lacking a soul are Androids, Homunculi, and Elementals. The exceptions to this have been listed above.

Extra Edit

Some specific ghosts fall under the branches set, such as the Kuchisake-Onna falling under the Onryo. Not all Ghosts can fly and go through walls as well. However, all Ghosts are weak to exorcisms to some degree, some more than others. Residual and Phantoms are practically immune to it, while Poltergeists, Apparitions, and Wraiths are particularly weak to it. Spirits and Liches are fairly neutral towards it, while Onryo are the least effected, though it still does some damage. Ghosts that can go through walls cannot go through other living beings with strong enough spiritual fields, which is literally every Playable race. This includes large and powerful enough plants as well.

Inherent Abilities Edit

Ghosts have 3 active abilities universal to them, as well as 2 passive abilities, though some are barred from having access to them. On passive, most Ghosts are capable of levitation and going through walls, though as said earlier, some can't, and the these few are listed above.

Passive Edit

Most Ghost can float to a certain degree, though there are some that cannot. This applies to going through inanimate objects as well, though even those that can are limited. Inanimate objects with strong spiritual energy, typically those held by people, tend to them.

On that, they can't go through beings with strong spiritual energy either, which is most people. Small animals and plants are fair game for them however. While they could theoretically sink into the Earth, the simple fact is this would be more a hindrance than anything, as they wouldn't be able to see anything or know where they're going.

Active Edit

Spirit Arts Edit

Most Ghosts tend to have selective abilities depending on what kind they are, the technical term for these being Spirits Arts. So, while Onryo with their curses, Bogeymen with their illusions, Wraith's with their life-draining, and so on, all of these are referred to as Spirit Arts since they're all powered by the spiritual energy that ghost has.

Spectral Energy Edit

The second active ability Ghosts has is the ability to manipulate Spectral Energy, as coined by the Arcane triad. The Technological triad, however, prefers to call it Ectoplasm. Different from Spiritual Arts, Spectral Energy is instead a physical residue all Ghosts leave behind to some extent, and that some can even manipulate. The color of Spectral Energy retains a clear blue consistency, bordering more on a white-blue that has a certain wispy nature about it.

The level of skill and power in which a Ghost can do this largely depends on the type they are, though universally they can only do this for a short period of time before they run out and become fatigued. Universally, Spectral Energy is described as cold to the touch, causing chills simply by being near it.

Despite it's chilly nature, Spectral Energy does not have the properties of ice, though can freeze things in similar fashion. That aside, due to its nature as energy, it functions as just that in most cases, moldable energy. Each type Ghost can mold it in specific ways unique to their subrace, some able to mold it in multiple ways. This molding can vary from plain raw chilling energy (practically ice), to cool misty vapor, to a gelatinous like sticky substance, to even fine sharpened threads. In either of these, the Spectral Energy retains their icy nature.

Due to its nature of being connected to the soul, specific types of high-leveled Ghosts can give it unique properties that can be quite useful, as well as quite deadly. The most common of these properties is being able to target someone's soul directly, bypass any non-enchanted armor to damage someone both internally and externally as their soul takes direct damage. In doing this, some Ghosts are able to leave lasting damage by using the chilling effects of their Spectral Energy to freeze that portion of the soul, rendering that portion of the body useless as it suffers internal and external frostbite.

It should be noted however, that anything pertaining to the soul in terms of Spectral Energy are very high-level techniques, one's students really shouldn't have for balancing reasons.

Hauntings Edit

The third active ability Ghosts have is trickier, as it's more location based than anything. It's their ability to set up a Haunting, their own designated field that marks an area as haunted, claiming it as their own as it empowers them.

In a Haunting, even if the climate is naturally warm, the air will be chilly and unnerving, giving the feeling to those inside that they're continuously being watched as their breath visibly fogs in front of them. If someone were to view the temperature, it'd read as what the room is normally, and should one attempt to warm themselves with fire or blankets, they will still feel chilly. More scientifically, due to their nature to always remain chilly, the Tech triad has dubbed these as Cold Spots, while the Arcane Triad keeps them as Hauntings.

Inside as well, the field of the Haunting is slightly electromagnetic, offsetting any basic electronics inside, such as flashlights and cellphones. There is always a slight fog hanging over the area, more powerful Hauntings having these set-up so anyone inside can't see past 5 feet, save for Ghosts. While Hauntings are not perpetually dark, light has a more dimmed effect inside, not shining as bright as it should.

While inside a Haunting, any and all Ghosts get a buff in their basic physical stats, moving faster, being physically stronger, and able to take more damage and regenerate quicker as well. They also get a buff in their abilities, Ghost abilities and personal included. In the case of Ghost abilities, their effects are stronger and cost less, Spectral Energy going into colder temperatures and more being produced than usual. At base all their attributes are doubled, higher level Hauntings raising them to a max of 10.

The inverse is applied to anything alive that steps inside, instead having their physical staffs debuffed, though it only applies to their speed and strength. In the case of their racial and personal abilities, these are simply weakened in strength and proficiency, earlier mentioned effects of the Haunting applying to any ability related, such as technological implants and magical light. At base, all attributes are debuffed to about 10% less, lowering to a max of 50%.

Higher level Hauntings begin to lightly freeze any living inside, giving them a later duration to stay before they themselves join the dead. These Hauntings are quite rare however, and extremely difficult to set up, as normal Hauntings are already a chore to establish, higher-level ones being even more of a chore. What a Haunting counts as a "living" is essentially anything that isn't undead, so the only beings not affected at all are Vampires.

The process for making a Haunting, as mentioned earlier, is rather tedious. The Ghost (or Ghost), must first have enough power themselves to make a Haunting, which in the first place takes quite a bit, the reason why Apparitions must do it in groups. Upon having enough power, the Ghost then must spread their Spectral Energy around the area they wish to affect, making a radius with it, then have the inside act as a ritual circle by using yet more of their Spectral Energy. Due to the sheer amount of Spectral Energy it takes to accomplish this, it takes about a week to establish a Haunting at minimum, and is very obvious when a Ghost is attempting to create one.

Upon establishing the radius and the ritual, the Ghost then must have enough power themselves to sustain the Haunting, acting as its anchor. This bars Ghosts from making an entire city their Haunting, as it'd be quite impossible to do this, most basic Ghosts only able to handle small rooms to an entire buildings floor. More moderate Ghost can claim an entire building itself, while more advanced Ghosts can claim an entire row of buildings.

Some Ghosts make a Haunting upon simply appearing, as they cannot leave the Hauntings radius, and these Ghosts are listed above. As the Ghosts that made it are a Hauntings anchor, should that Ghost be killed (again), or should they willingly dispel their Haunting, it will disappear entirely.