Dunno when shit happened, don't really care it'll work out somehow with the timeline. 

Back during the rise of Dive technology, Guy Osborne was a well versed programmer having worked on multiple games and other software. He lived a modest lifestyle and worked hard. Hs doctors told him he had a rare medical condition, and that he'd die within a year. There were no options, so he took matters into his own hands.

He began spending all of his time studying code and data collected from his Diving. Osborne had a theory, a hypothesis, that Diving wasn't the end all be all of the technology; it should be theoretically possible to isolate the Soul or the Mind and completely transfer it from the Brain into the Digital World. So he worked. And Worked.

During his research he had many set backs, and even complete data loss a couple times. His year time limit was drawing to a close, and as if by a miracle he thinks he figured it out. Plugging in all kinds of wires into his skull, he quickly set to work. He was incredibly anxious, even though he was so weak and sickly by this point he wasn't going to just sit back and die. He activated the program, and was slowly electricuted to death as the uploading bar finished.  

The Entity that represented what he thought was his /soul/ could not keep itself together and dispersed. It'd take years for it to put itself back together, gaining knowledge and power that sets itself apart from the fragile and sick Human that it came from. Now in the new modern era, it'd picked up all kinds of information about the world. It also found a suitable Host, some coma patient with tech implated it the back of it's skull. 

Now the Entity that calls itself Guy Osborne is 'alive' having taken over the body of some teen. As luck would have it, the teen's family was dead due to a car accident that'd left him in a Coma. Now that he is back in the world, he decides he may as well cause some havoc. His data was corrupted anyway. 


Data Materialization: A technology based power that allows Osborne to materialize data into the physical world. 

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