Isn't this like a cheat?! Kimi! Kimi! Kimimimimimimimi~!
— Hiyuki

Weapon StatusEdit

User: Kimi Heikiko

Status: In Use

Creator: Kimi Heikiko

Weapon SpecificationsEdit

Name: Homemade Pullet

Weight: 1 kilogram

Length: 30 centimeters

Derivative Design: Grimoire, D-Ring Binder

Details: Appearing to be a simple, white D-ring binder, with many, many sheets of paper clipped into it, alot of people would confuse this to contain research notes, especially considering who the owner is. However. it is more than meets the eye. By taking advantage of Kimi's Talisman Printing ability, she has roped many other arcane users to assist in filling the binder with spells. Each and every page, contains a spell. Acting akin to a single-use consumable, it allows Kimi, who's physical condition prevents her from casting spells recklessly, a bit more freedom in regards to the usage of the arcane. Of course, this require prior setup, and a bit of sacrificing, as Talisman Printing, is in itself, an arcane art. Of course, this is only a workaround that, in base concept, allows any user to cast spells. Even those who are completely normal, are capable of casting spells with the pages.


-Name is a reference to the Black Pullet, as well as referring to its "Homemade" appearance via standard binder.

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