Hiiiii hiiiiii~! I hope you're all ready to listen to my colors of jooooo~y!
— Ika
Ikalamar Aido
Nickname Ika
Alias Kalaido-Pop
Gender Female FemaleIcon
Age 15
Race Coleoctos
Species Aoquid
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair Multi-Colored: Yellow, Black, and Blue
Eyes Yellow
Height 5'0"
Weight 120
Power Amplification
Professional Status
Social Rank First Year
Affiliation Osaka Gakuin
Occupation Pop Idol
Personal Status
Status Active
Additional Info
Clubs Music

Appearance Edit

Ika'’s hair is a bright vibrant yellow, reaching down to her stomach in an almost tendril like manner, because, well, they are tendrils. Or rather, tentacles There are black spots splashed all around it, blue rings inside the spots that she claims are natural. Her eyes are a dull-shade of yellow, her pupils being a horizontal line rather than a circle. Being raised on land her whole life rather than the sea, her skin hue resembles more of a humans in pinkness, but still has the bouncy rubbery texture of most Aoquid. The additional 4 tentacle limbs that hang on her back match the color of her hair, and seamlessly blend in with it as she hardly uses them.

Also an old coral bracelet on her wrist which she claims is a friendship bracelet, her futuristic white bracelet next to it on the same arm, and another on the opposite arm. She has a matching head band going through her hair, a small black antenna sticking out from the right side, a matching choker around her neck as well. She has two identical ones around her shins too.

While she wears the Osaka uniform, sometimes she'll wear her Idol outfit for the sake of her fans, and she just likes how it looks. It has a turquoise mini-skirt, eight dark-blue tendrils pinned on and hanging around her. White thigh-high boots adorn her feet, her torso having a white short-sleeve top with dark blue outlines going along its side, all converging to the center of her chest with a tiny dark blue bulb sticks, wrapping around and making a ribbon with shiny yellow trimming. For the final portion, Her hands get covered by dark blue gloves with frilly white trimming.

She does, however, opt her Idol skirt over the school skirt instead

Personality Edit

Ika is a cheerful girl with a spring in her step, looking at the brighter side of things and the silver lining in everything. She's very hardworking, believing everything in life should be earned rather than gifted, It's because of this, she disliked her job at first, but eventually grew to enjoy it. She's rather quiet though, not being very outspoken unless she needs to be.

She adores her fans, working hard to appease them and not let them down. If she should spot one, she'll gladly talk to them, She enjoys helping people in general, often going out of her way to help them with no benefit for herself. She's grown a bit disillusioned with the world ever since she was kidnapped however, not being able to trust people as easily anymore and avoiding suspicious looking people she doesn't trust, often looking into them to make sure they're not going to harm others.

She does have an Idol Persona of sorts, one that's color focused on spreading the "colors of joy" to all who listen to her. In her own opinion, the persona's too peppy and outspoken, and a lot of work to keep up, but for the sake of others she does when she needs to. Deep down though, she enjoys it, sometimes wishing it was the real her and not a mask she puts on whenever she has to perform.

Backstory Edit

Ika's family was a pair of Coleoctos that were curious how life on land was, so they moved up to it. As such, Ika was raised entirely on land her whole life. Born to a decent family either way, having normal parents and a normal life. There weren't any strange occurrences, being raised. She was complimented for her singing voice growing up, stretching into middle school. During the start of her second year, she suddenly got a call from a talent agency, believing her to be good enough to span out her own Idol carrier...and make them money. They trained her for the first half of the year, and then broadcasted and booked her gigs for the second half.

She didn't like it much at first, finding the work stressful, but grew to adore her fans overtime, working hard to make them proud. Near the end of the year however, she was kidnapped, being held for ransom until her agent and family could pay her off. Once she was, the incident was buried, the authorities finding and detaining the culprits.

After the incident, Ika was slightly disillusioned, though continued to push herself forward. Her manager hired a bodyguard for her, though she went further and bought himself some Kanos gear for her limbs, and added some weaponry to her dress. She began learning basic self defense and martial arts from her Bodyguard as well, coming to think of him as a friend as the year passed of him guarding her. Only one more important to kidnap her came, one that was fended off by him, and then finished off by her.

As the year for his contract was nearing it's end, she managed to convince her manager to renew it, deciding to explore normal school life a bit more to get inspiration for her songs and enrolled at a fun little school she heard about called Osaka Gakuin, dragging her bodyguard along with her.

Abilities Edit

Ika's ability is simple. Amplification. She gets this by the multiple bracelets around her body, amplifying her body. While at first, she only had the one around her neck to amplify her singing voice to louder volumes, she added some to her limbs for basic self defense. That's their only purposes, being able to amplify her functions 5 times it's normal amount at best. Anymore, and she risks straining herself and the amplifiers. It has multiple modes to switch to, each designated by color glow.

  • Red - Strength
  • Blue - Endurance
  • Yellow - Speed
  • Green - Regeneration
  • Orange - Stamina
  • Purple - Soul (Mana)

While they could be used for combat, she doesn't, unless necessary. As said earlier, they're used for self-defense, as well as helping doing menial chores. The one on her neck is used for singing, amplifying her voice so it can be heard louder and more focused. She's fully capable of focusing it into bursts, enough to knock people back and incapacitate them with banshee like shrieks.

She can emit pulses from her amplifiers that effect others in the area, or people she focuses on specifically. These pulses may also temporarily grant someone she focuses on with amplification benefits, depending on the current color of course, the pulses matching the current color. The only method she can do this with is by using the amplifier around her throat, in other words, by singing. The benefits only last about a minute in total, or as long as she keeps singing. The pulses activate by flipping a switch on the amplifier, meaning ain't no one in her concerts be getting amplified. The benefits are not sound based, meaning everyone who hears it is affected, but rather, based on who's in the pulses area of effect.

Being a Coleoctos, she has night-vision, and is capable of moving her additional tentacle limbs freely with no trouble. She can also shoot ink and water from their tips, along with stretching them out and using them to stick to surfaces.

Equipment Edit

Besides her amplifiers, the tendrils hanging from her dress can be fully controlled by her as well, being connected to her headband. They're made from stretchy materials that can extend about 10 meters around her, being used for elaborate moves during her performances and help doing menial chores. They're quite sturdy, being able to block a cut from a sword with not even the littlest cut. Surprisingly strong, being able to pick up a average weighted person with 5 alone, wrapping around them and carrying them.

Trivia Edit

  • Squid-Girl Pop Idol. All you need to know.
  • Despite being a Squid, her hair is based on the Blue Ringed Octopus. Because it's baller asf.
  • As an apology from Helios Dahl, Ika now wears a small conch necklace that harbors a pocket dimension inside of itself. Her bodyguard resides there to laze about, and will come out whenever called upon.

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