I'll take anything, so long as it interests me.
— Letto
Letto Kūta
Alias 22nd Magician
Title Phantom Collector
Gender Male MaleIcon
Age  ???
Species Ghost
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Gray
Eyes Words
Height Words
Weight Words
Power Street-Magic
Professional Status
Social Rank Info-Broker


Appearance Edit

Gray hair. Tophat. Mostly brown torn clothes in a ruffian like manner. Eyepatch he doesn't need to wear but likes to.

Personality Edit

Seeks constant entertainment, and is willing to do anything to achieve such a thing. In fact, just about anything can entertain him, usually deciding on what to watch by playing a game of eenie meenie miney mo with himself.

Has a strange habit of talking to himself, but rather than talking to himself, it's talking to himself as if he was two entirely different people as he changes his voice. It's something he does quite a bit, often telling a story that's completely irrelevant to the situation at hand.

A thief, taking pleasure in stealing valuables from people when no one is looking. Has quite the odd assortment of tools due to this, but isn't very ambitious with using them. Isn't ambitious at all, preferring to go with the flow and simply enjoy the ride, gaining amusement from the show life provides him. Due to this lack of ambition, he doesn't feel the need to show off much, if at all. Simply knowing that he for himself stole something from someone or has something that someone else doesn't is enough to satisfy his thieve's pride.

Backstory Edit


Abilities Edit

Ghost shit. Is a Lich. Life is tied to his building.

None of particular interested, besides being able to pick up most pieces of unwanted information with a bit of difficult, not much to him. He can't fight to save his life, and the only magic he knows of is street magic. Rather, magic used to fool others can be more akin to illusionism. The magic of two centuries ago used to fool children, better said, having the skill of a birthday party magician. Can juggle balls with ease, as well as turn a handkerchief into a bouquet of flowers, sneezing out more handkerchiefs that then turn into doves. There's no actual magic going on here, just simple visual tricks. Does house some knowledge in craftsmanship of all kinds however, being a highly capable Artificer in that regard. Simply from a glance, he can tell a forgery from the real thing, and what all it's capabilities will be.

Has an odd knickknack for collecting just about anything that interests him, from Antiques, to Coins, Books, Tomes, Technology, Information, and so on. This broaches into a more forbidden field however, collecting Demons and Spirits with contracts, and having a large hoard of legendary weapons. While these weapons and contracts he carries are truly of the highest grade, making him a large threat to society with their amassed power, the fact of the matter is he hardly uses them, if ever. He simply likes to have them just to have them, the fact being that he owns something else that no one does being enough to satisfy him. In earnest, he prefers to fight with his coin collection over anything else, rarely using anything from his collection unless the situation calls for it specifically.

Equipment Edit

Magic tool kit. Coins.

Weapons Edit

Items he holds in his collection

  • Excalibur
  • Sword of Atilla - Rumored to have been gifted to Atilla by the gods themselves as divine retriution to destroy civilization. Said to be his right to conquer and claim all for himself. Holds tremendous power.
  • Balmung
  • Gram
  • Crocea Mors
  • Clarent
  • Caliburn
  • Durandal
  • Caladbolg
  • Arondight
  • Galatine
  • Curtana
  • Brahmastra
  • Joyeuse
  • Seven-Branched Sword
  • Goujian
  • Blades of Muramsa
  • Blades of Masamune
  • Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi
  • Wallace Sword - Franken Sword made of flesh, bones, and skin of humans. Rather than the original, it's an imitation of the real one made to slay other in it's name. Keeps it as he finds it infinitely more amusing than the original blade.
  • Zulfiqar
  • Vorpal Sword
  • Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar
  • Glory of Ten Powers - Chinese Sword
  • Carnwennan - Dagger that cast the user into shadow
  • Varunastra
  • Joan of Arc's Sword
  • Taming Sari
  • Green Dragon Crescent Blade
  • Thuận Thiên
  • Tyrfing
  • Skofnung - Infused with soul of 12 berserkers, being able to summon them.
  • Næġling
  • Hrunting
  • Azoth Sword
  • Gan Jiang and Mo Ye
  • Dyrnwyn
  • Totsuka-no-Tsurugi
  • Asi - Sacrificial dagger that drains life
  • Necronomicon
  • Book of Wonderland
  • Ruyi Jingu Bang
  • Longinus Spear
  • Vasavi Shakti
  • Fragarach (Alternative) - As the original is already possessed, he made a fake based on the legends.
  • Rhongomyniad
  • Storybook of Dreams - An enchanted book that minorly manipulates events around itself, making any minor action written inside it to become true.
  • Book of Solomon
  • Articles of Minamoto-no-Yorimitsu - Broadsword of Fire, Axe of Lightning, Naginata of ice, Bow of Wind, Katana of Lightning
  • Dangerous Game - The Article of Poison that would bring out Hyde within Jekyll, in this case transforming whoever drinks it into a homicidal beast.
  • Pashupata
  • Usumidori
  • Mirror of Eightfold Blessings - An odd mirror that absorbs all traces of energy and magic around itself.
  • Dagger of Regicide - A blade belonging to Jing Ke in his failed assassination. Filled to the brim with poison to the point it distorts the air, intoxicating those that inhale it. Kills with a single scratch.
  • Crazy Heart Gauntlet - A gauntlet that lets one grasp another's heart and crush it. Alternatively also allows one to imprint holes from a distance, making gaping handshaped ones in someone's chest.
  • Fated Iron Maiden - A cursed executioner tool that acts as a automative armor, moving around as if alive. Capable of popping itself open and shoving someone inside, impaling them to death as it seals itself shut.
  • Phantom's Instrument - A musical tool made from the corpses of some murderer's victims or another. Is filled with their lament and hatred, cursing all those who hear it save the player to a terrible fate.
  • Knives of Jack the Ripper
  • Heart of Frankenstein - The heart of the famed being Frankenstein, histories most popular homunculus. Continues to beat to this day, electricity crackling from it. Shoots out electricity at all living things, it's own hatred for all those naturally born who refused its right to live brewing from it constantly.
  • Chaos Labyrinth - A small orb that transports all who come into contact with it into a labyrinth, specifically the famed labyrinth of the Minotaur. While the Minotaur has long since been slain, his labyrinth remains, and escape is nearly impossible unless the wielder allows it so.
  • Curruid's Wrath - In his own annoyance of failing to possess Gae Bolg, he decided to one up and instead take the Skeletal remains of the beast it was made from. Made into a cursed armor that tears and rends everything apart.
  • Amenonuhoko
  • Tonbokiri
  • Gae Dearg
  • Moralltach and Beagalltach
  • Tarnhelm
  • Aegis (Alternative)
  • Shield of Ajax the Greater - 7-layers
  • Shied of Evalach
  • Svalinn
  • Bashōsen
  • Agneyastra and Varunastra
  • Mac an Luin
  • Cruaidín Catutchenn
  • Houken
  • Brionac
  • Isis' Harpoon
  • Green Dragon Crescent Blade
  • Vijaya
  • Arash's bow
  • Houyi's bow
  • Staff of Moses
  • Uchide-no-Kozuch
  • Kaladanda
  • Freischutz's Gun
  • Seals of Solomon
  • Book of Thoth
  • Rauðskinna
  • Senji Ryakketsu
  • Emerald Tablet
  • Book of the Dead
  • Sessho-seki
  • Philosopher's Stone
  • Vaidurya
  • Pair Dadeni
  • Cauldron of the Dagda
  • Hungry Grass
  • Raskovnik
  • Ambrosia
  • Peaches of Immorality
  • Amrita
  • Pomegranate
  • Mead of Poetry
  • Gleipnir

Trivia Edit

  • His Alias, 22nd Magician, comes from how he always follows through with things oddly at the number 22, usually sitting himself up at locations revolving around it.

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