Welcome to the character creation guide! Whether you came here from the General Guide, linked directly, or searched it up yourself, you are clearly here for an indepth documentary of creating a character!

Creating the Page

So, the first step to creating the character page, is, well, literally creating the location page! We have this nifty little template here, to simplify the process. Just type the name of the character you want into the text box, and then press the "Create Article" button!

If you want to make a page, press Create Article to get started!

Location Rules

Consent needed for usage in story.

The locations around Osaka Gakuin and on the island of Japan are similar to our time, so major cities monuments, and places may still exist. Other places around the world are open for change but don't anything extremely abnormal.

Character houses shouldn't be over the top unless circumstances are present such as vast wealth or by family heritage.

Students can live on campus or off campus, which is up to the creator. Co-ed dorms can be allowed for special reasons.

More details to be added