Technobabble meets Voodoo~!
— Hiyuki


If you asked anyone for the quickest explanation in regards to what MagiTech is, they would tell you it is a combination of Arcane Arts and Science. However, to explain the details would take quite some time, so the general populace would refuse to explain everything. Although, there's the possibility that the average person would not be capable of explaining the details behind MagiTech.


Categories and DetailsEdit


Artifacts, surprisingly enough, are counted as a form of MagiTech.

Magical TechnologyEdit

Generally, when someone thinks of MagiTech, more often than not, they are thinking about Magical Technology. Not to be confused with MagiTech, which also includes Artifacts, Magical Technology is generally a piece of technology that incorporates the Arcane as a support effect. Simply put, magic is merely a component in the entire design.

Power Supply/GenerationEdit

Normally, to use a MagiTech device, the user would be required to be capable of casting magic, to be capable of supplying the device with magic power. However, there is an experimental reactor, the Magic Furnace, that was designed. Unfortunately, the implications and consequences of running one, as well as it's horrible efficiency, has prevented it's schematics from being published.

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