Causes more environmental issues than a nuclear reactor going critical!
— Hiyuki

Weapon StatusEdit

User: Tama Grumman

Status: Archived

Creator: Eleanora Rheinmetall

Weapon SpecificationsEdit

Name: Magic Furnace



Derivative Design: Power Core, Centrifuge, Reactor

Details: You would be forgiven, for believing that the Magic Furnace was an enchanted artifact, with functions resembling an oven of the sort. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually based from the technological side of the Triad.

The Magic Furnace was designed with two main goals in mind. The first, was for a mechanical method of generating magic, while the second was to use the magic that has been collected. This second goal was to be achieved in yet another two ways: Conversion into electrical power, or actual spell usage.

However, right from the start, there were difficulties regarding how the arcane worked. First and foremost, is that magic comes from the soul, which in itself, is attached to the existence of entities.



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