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Who owns Nasako Waru you ask?

Why, it is I, Kat!

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Aren't you a darling little friend? I know just the right pet for you to play with~
— Nasako
Nasako Waru
Title Echidna
Gender Female FemaleIcon
Age  ???
Race Mutated Human / Abomination
Power Beasts
Professional Status
Affiliation The Womb of Rapture
Occupation Cult Leader
Personal Status
Status Alive
Additional Info
Likes Pets, Cuddles, Playtime

Appearance Edit


Personality Edit


Abilities Edit

Monster lady summons a lot of monsters. She can make more using humans and other beings, mutating them beyond imagination. She emits pheromones that make monsters view her as their mother.

Trivia Edit

Nasako is Okasan backwards. Okasan is mother in Japanese, which reflects Nasako's motherly nature towards her pets.

Waru is roughly translated to bad thing, which makes Nasako's name essentially "Mother of Bad Things."

Her current rank is SSS, for her immense power and potential.

EX Magic

SS----- Physical

S---- Durability

EX Additional

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