You must be 13 years of age or older to join a Wikia chatroom.


  • Spam. Chat mods or admins will ask you to stop at the soon-to-be spam and/or if it annoys a lot of users and then kick you. Repeat offense will earn you a chat ban.
  • Insult the Chat Moderator/Admins. Need I say more?
  • Link images or sites which contain sexual content such as images of human's genitals on the page without having to download and/or direct to another page. Any instance and you will be kicked immediately and a ban may be placed upon you by choice of the moderator.
  • Advertise other wikis. You are allowed to link an article or image but linking to another wikia's chat and constantly endorsing it will result in a warning and maybe a kick.
  • Drugs, gender, politics, sexuality and religion-related topics should be limited. Chat Moderators may choose to revoke this rule if they see fit that it is not going to get out of hand.
  • Force a user to tell you their personal information. If the user asks you not to, you must stop. If the user does tell you freely, then it is fine.
  • Flame others. Attacking someone or insulting someone extensively, is both rude and disrespectful. You will be kicked if you are warned and don't stop.
  • Bring arguments from another place to the chatroom. Warning will be given and if you choose to ignore it, you will be kicked.
  • Harass other users via Private Messaging or directly, whether sexually or abusively.


  • Be courteous and say hello. Wikias are filled with many people who you can make friends with and talk to. Don't be shy.
  • Respect the Chat Moderators and Admins. They have earned their position.
  • Be helpful and useful. If a user who is new to wikia shows up, take the time to welcome him and answer any questions he may have.
  • Be yourself and have fun.

Chat Moderators reserve the right to enforce and modify these rules as they see fit under varying circumstances.