Rules that apply to our staff. By becoming a member of our staff, you promise to obey these rules and be a model to our Wikia's users. Should you break these rules continually, you will be removed from your position.

  1. No Power abuse:
    1. Bureacrats: No executive decisions (ie Demotion, promotions, rule changes, etc) with democratic vote by at least 2 admins. Must also follow rules set for below positions.
    2. Admins: No unauthorized Banning from the site without enough evidence. No misusing your powers for personal use/gain. 
    3. Reviewers: Must follow guidelines for character rules; If something that is unclear comes up, then you may consult an admin or bureacrat. Cannot review their own OC's, and cannot be partial to certain people. You must be unbiased when reviewing and be honest when reviewing OC's in pending. 
    4. Chatmods: Must try to be in chat whenever time allows, and at least once every two days for at least an hour. When in chat, be courteous, kind, and respectful to others; follow zee golden rule. When dealing with people who are breaking chat rules, you must follow the order of one warning, kick, then ban. When dealing with obvious trolls, no warning is necessary but a kick is. 
  2. Every issue that is brought up on/about the wiki must be decided by a group vote. If the decision involves something to do with character guidelines, you must consult at least one Crat and two Reviewers. If the decision has something to do with the overal wiki (ie, affiliated wikis, general policies) you need to consult a crat and 2 admins. Important changes to the wiki (change in rules, staff changes, major policies) must be brought with all staff as a whole. 
  3. All staff must try to be as unbiased with all wiki users and must not pick favorites. 
  4. Any repeated infraction by a person in a seat of power (chatmod and up) are subject to removal by decision of majority of staff.

Rules are subject to be added or edited by Admins and Bureacrats as a whole.