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Creation of Kat
Who owns Onirake Yabūn you ask?

Why, it is I, Kat!

Please voice any concerns on my wall.

— Onirake

Onirake Yabūn
Birthday  ?
Gender Male MaleIcon
Age  ?
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Orange
Eyes Green
Height 6'2"
Weight tbd lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives  ?
Additional Info
Likes  ?
Dislikes  ?

Introduction Edit

Nin nin!

Appearance Edit

Admiral Ackbar joke


he's a person

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

None yet.

Enemies Edit

None yet.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Statue's Rampage: When attacked, Onirake's body responds on it's own, essentially putting him into autopilot.

Zero Zero: A signature ability of the Yabūn clan, taught to every one of them. In return for total stability without any motion or thought, Zero Zero accumulates natural physical power through remaining entirely still and neutral. The longer they wait, the more powerful they are. Upon release of the neutrality, they have thirty seconds to act until their body shuts down. Waiting for too long will result in further power, but will likely kill the user. Onirake can wait as long as two hours before his body begins to decay from continued stillness. After using it for two hours and thirty minutes, Onirake will die. As Onirake uses this, he meditates.

Once activated, the speed, durability and physical strength of Onirake becomes immense. He can ignore serious blows dealt to him, still taking damage but not being capable of feeling it until the duration of Zero Zero finishes.


Equipment Edit


Onirake was always told to wait. Since the day he was born, his clan of martial artist implored him to remain inactive, even when someone is in danger, or when someone is causing another harm. He was told to be neutral in every way to achieve balance with the world. "Not a breath must be taken out of place, not a footprint left behind, not a memory of our action." Was the Yabūn clan's motto, which they held true to, becoming one of the most elite clans of assassins on earth. They took in orphans discretely, never letting anyone know of their name intentionally, making them also one of the most unknown clans of assassins. When they were hired for immense prices, they generally succeeded at their jobs, and the member sent to do the job never went on another mission ever again.

As a child, Onirake was abandoned at an orphanage, where he was picked up by the Yabūn clan, and tested for his patience. As he and the other children were tormented and nearly caused to break, Onirake stayed strong. From his group of 20, only he passed. The rest died from immense stress of having to take mental and physical torture for weeks. Onirake was trained to become even more patient.

Trivia Edit

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