One, two...How many of me are there...I wonder?
— Oros
Oros Boro
Gender Female FemaleIcon
Age 16 (Accumulated - 207)
Race Greek
Species Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair White with colored streaks
Eyes Depends
Height 5'11"
Weight 143
Power Calalini
Professional Status
Social Rank First Year
Affiliation Osaka Gakuin

Appearance: Edit

Somewhat varies depending on personality, but the base remains the same. Generally has silk white hair that ends just above her back, curling near the end as several drills with different colored streaks depending on her current personality. The color of her eyes depends on the personality as well, and certain personalities stylize her hair differently, such as:

  • Oro: Orange highlights - Orange eyes - Orange tulip on left side of head.
  • Ros: Red highlights - Red eyes - Black eyeliner - Black nails
  • Boros: Purple highligts - Purple eyes constantly leaking sludge - messy uneven hair
  • Boro: Blue highlights - Blue eyes - Black headband - Glasses
  • Roro: Yellow highlights - Yellow eyes - Black Officer Hat - Wheat in mouth - Chains looped on left ear - Hair slicked back - Black jacket over shoulders rather than arms
  • Ors: Green highlights - Braid with green highlight on right side - Green eyes - pink bow on left side
  • Oros: Black highlights - Long bang covering right eye - Black eyes - plain silver headphones around her neck

Wears the typical uniform regardless of personality, but rather, uses the male jacket while also using the skirt and thigh-high socks. Wears a black hooded jacket over the red uniform, though only puts her arms through the sleeves and doesn't bother putting the rest over her shoulders, wearing it loose.To keep it from falling down to her elbows, she has two gold straps at the upper part of her arms that hold up the entire jacket.

Outside of school, continues to wear her black hooded jacket in its typical matter, plus a light-amethyst flutter sleeved shirt dress. Wears slim white jeans, with black flats to appease all personalities. Each one makes slight tweaks to the casual uniform, being these:

  • Oro: Walking cane - Color splashes on jeans - White gloves - Bare feet
  • Ros: Looser jeans with metal studs in them- Red shirt
  • Boros: Clothes torn up, several cuts across skin
  • Boro: Brown Gloves - Book kept dangling from side.
  • Roro: Chain on left side of jeans - Black studded fingerless gloves
  • Ors: Flower patter near bottom of shirt - Said shirt becomes green and longer
  • Oros: Black swirling etchings on right-pants leg - Bubble gum blowing

Personality: Edit

While Oros is dominantly female, she has multiple personalities in her head that add up to 7. Each one "takes over" during certain intervals, something that isn't that noticeable with the slight appearance change, but is with the large attitude change. It should be noted, despite being female, some of the personalities identify as male, as they technically are. She can't switch her personalities actively, meaning switching through 3 in 20 seconds would't be possible. The personalities all have their own wills, and if each clashed again each other, the mental strain would cause her to pass out and not manifest Calalini.

Personality 1: Oro Edit

"Artist," doesn't prefer violence, and often just likes to hum around and enjoy their day. The only one that, oddly, losses their sight. Has a surprisingly critical eye for beauty and making it. Claims to be able to sense it since they cannot see it. The outlet for creativity and emotions. Also the "Flirt," being quite actively going with both genders, identifying as male. Views all people as art in some form or another. Some of this art just happens to be trash and should be treated as such. Died at age 27, currently 32.

Personality 2: Ros Edit

"Hate," cynical, spiteful, and all around pessimistic. Does nothing but bring down the mood. Unfortunately, also falls under the "Creep," often doing questionable actions such as making puppets out of pigeon carcasses, and leaving it in others lockers with twisted love-letters. Not serious, more for their own amusement. Can be described as an old hag who was ignored her whole life. Identifies as female. Died at age 45, currently 51.

Personality 3: Boros Edit

"Scapegoat," keeps hold of unwanted memories, trauma, and nightmares. Originally a sweet, charming, shy girl, but after becoming the scapegoat is now horribly broken and unstable, having the tendency to scream randomly and attack both themself and others. Should not be allowed outside. Identifies as 'kill me.' Died at 13, currently 19.

Personality 4: Boro Edit

"Manager," keeps track of others and settles their disputes, the mature and logical one. The "Conniving" one as well, plotting and manipulating things from behind the seams to benefit self and the other personalities. Prefers things to be practical, enjoying things that are quick and easy. Doesn't particularly get the point of creativity, so long as the task is completed. Fully believes that the ends justify the means, and that two negatives make a positive. Identifies as 'being,' though prefers male. Died at age 36, currently 42.

Personality 5: Roro Edit

"Wild," unrestricted by social norms, does whatever they want whenever they want, loud and obnoxious. Acts as the one that takes the blow for the other personalities, and as the one that deals with issues for them. Can be quite aloof, often ignoring what others say and not at all caring about it or the consequences caused. So long as it doesn't later affect her or a large group of innocents anyway. Surprisingly intelligent, and extremely intolerant to people who act like her in a hypocritical stance. The stress-reliever, and older-sister to some degree. Identifies as female. Died at 20, currently 26.

Personality 6: Ors Edit

"Normal," what most people assume to be her true personality, identifying as genderfluid. Typically acts as representative for the other personalities, being the one that most interacts with others and is most present. Also falls under the "Sorrow," getting mournful at random intervals, particularly when fighting or shouting occurs. Especially prominent when he’s the one doing the fighting. Holds large curiosity, being the youngest of all the personalities, and isn't too out spoken or too silent either. Died at 14, currently 20.

Personality "7": Oros Edit

Only comes out occasionally and when absolutely necessary. The original owner of the body, trumping all other personalities. Sees every other personality as hopeless children that are useless without her. In general, a bit of an egoist, being somewhat self-centered. This appears to be a cover up for how horribly indifferent she truly is about herself, not at all caring whether she lives or dies, or whether she's in pain or not. She's forcing herself forward for the sake of her other personalities really, largely uncaring and lacking motivation for anything else. Emits a surprisingly mature aura, appearing much like a mother whose lost her way.

Backstory: Edit

Oros was born into a very religious family, ones that bordered on zealots with their hate of most everything unholy. They hated Demons and anything mechanical, select sects of races that dabbled in the unholy as well, such as Wraiths and Vampires that practiced necromancy. They practically worshipped Angels, telling grand tales of their achievements and how they smited all evil. Oros, growing up, heard all of these tales finding the imagination and lore behind them more interesting than the actual tale itself.

Interested, at only age 5, she attempted to make her own tale. She did this for the next year, but as the year passed, images started to plague her. These images lead to eventual screaming in the night and fighting off hallucinations that weren’t there, the tales she wrote becoming twisted and real, haunting her. Concerned, her parents took her to a priest at first, then a doctor, where she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Her parents, at first, refused to believe this, but gradually over time came to accept it. For the next 4 years, Oros was plagued with countless hallucinations, gradually becoming more mature and more drained as time moved on and on, Anytime she attempted to write a story as she previously used to love doing, the story would just become another hallucination, haunting her. Eventually, after the third year, she stopped doing anything, only doing the basic needed to provide for her own survival to limit the amount of hallucinations plaguing her.

Her parents attempted to find some way to help her, some form of holy magic or scripture, but they could find none. At the time the fourth year hit, the horrid shift of her hallucinations becoming physical happened. It's unknown why it suddenly happened, or what triggered it, but it did. The fight for her life became very much real, having to physically fight off her now physical hallucinations and ignore the ones that breathed down her neck to harm herself and her family. She locked herself in her room to limit the damage done, something that was minimal help at best.

Her parents scurried to find her some form of help, delving into every source possible (save unholy and cybernetic). They continued to come up empty handed, coming home one day in defeat to a nightmare. The house had a blood trail going straight from the front door to Oros’ room, where they found the walls covered in blood, and her half-eaten body next to the fading manifestation of a beast, a large portion of her torso dangling from its teeth.

The beast scurried away, fading more and more as it escaped the house. Ignoring that now, they rushed to their daughter, quickly hurrying her to the hospital for some method of treatment. Minor illusions continued to flicker around her, a sign she was still alive, if barely. The doctors offered to repair her with cybernetics, but Oros’ parents refused, stating they wouldn't have their daughter become a freak. Instead, they begged for an organ transplant. The doctors could handle that, but replacing an entire chunk of flesh with more flesh seemed plain madness.

Her parents continued to beg, the doctors eventually giving in due to their desperation. They found six bodies, six different people, and replaced each of Oros’ missing organs with theirs. They sewed the pieces of chunk together, stabilizing and managing everything with magic instead of technology as per request. After the operate, she was left in a coma for the next week, though it was deemed a success.

During this week in coma, Oros was very much conscious, just not in the physical plane. Rather, she was conscious in her mind, inside Calalini, with 6 other people around her. They were equally confused as she was, though eventually figured out they were the portions of organs and flesh donated to her, or at least the people belonging to them. She was in a coma for the week due to the turmoil immediately caused, some trying to claim Oros’ body as their own, others opposing as they tried to form an agreement, all while still in Calalini being plagued by hallucinations.

After the week and some events, they all came to an agreement (with some coercion from Oros) that they would share the body, and what their roles would be given their personalities. Boros, now being called this, stepped up as the Scapegoat, leaving Oros to assign everyone’s roles. With that settled, Oros woke up.a different person.

For the next six years, she held better together with assistance from the personalities (better referred to as people honestly), bonding a bit with some while quarreling with others. She practiced to better maintain Calalini, herself, and her added personalities, letting them mostly take control of her life as she sat back and watched. They themselves in turn practiced, getting accustomed to the new body and abilities they were given.

She began growing distant from her parents during this, eventually running away as she could hardly stand their religious babble, praise, and discrimination any longer. She traveled around for the next year, eventually coming to Japan. She learned of a school named Osaka Gakuin, and deciding it would be the next best place for her besides a mental ward that might be able to handle her, she enrolled.

Abilities: Edit

Dark Alice theme? Dark Alice theme.

Calalini: The ability of Oros to manifest her schizophrenic mindscape into the physical world. Each personality has a set "manifestation" for it, Calalini's functions being split up to help limit the burden on Oros carrying it all alone.

Personality 1: Oro Edit

The manifestation of the twisted beasts residing in Calalini, though only portions such as torsos or limbs. He can manifest multiple of them, and while he can leave them as is, such as floating ravenous dog heads, he can instead mix them up to create one twisted being.

Falls under a large six armed shelled pelican with large feet and tentacles for wings. While the mixed one is far stronger, it's more difficult to maintain the manifestation, and he can only maintain one large one. He prefers the one large one though compared to the multiple small ones, making combinations with things such as twin praying mantis scythe arms or one bee stinger rapier arm, not to mention powerful gorilla arms with the speed and number of spider limbs.

Can summon about 12 body parts at most, 15 if he strains himself. He doesn't have to use all of them at once, he can save some as spare parts if a limb gets destroyed or smashed, as cutting it off wouldn't do much. The variation of animals he can use are many, ranging from insect, to mammal, to reptilian, to avian, to aquatic, and even some magical, though these are limited. The magical ones include slimes, minor golems, Arc Wings, Sparx, Tunders, Galzards, and Sand Sliders. One magical animal portion if equivalent to 3 normal portions though, so he tends to hold back on using them.

Links up to his body, draining his stamina and dealing about 25% damage mimicking the damage done to the manifestation. Manifestation of beasts, those which roam and plague the mind.

Personality 2: Ros Edit

She can harness her own negative emotions and thoughts as energy, and even take the negative emotions and thoughts of others for herself as well. This includes making sharp claws out of this energy, or small whirlwinds that tear apart whatever's in their path. It gets more complex than that, however. She can actively manipulate and manifest these negative emotions, so if someone had pent up aggression towards a specific person, with their negative energy she could make a copy of this person.

The copy wouldn't be perfect, it'd be entirely based on the person's emotions, but it's still handy. While she can't fully control what the Negative copies do, they fall under the base principal of doing things that are "negative," but also following the base copy they are. So if she made a Negative Copy of the Student Council President based on someone's emotions, he'd pretty much still act like him to some degree, but he'd also be a huge asshole.

Beyond that, the Negative Copy's combat capabilities are a mix of the base outline of the person, plus basic negative energy. While the basic outline of abilities would be far less than the actual person, the strength of a Negative Copy are boosted with negative energy, and the fact they don't have an obligation to hold back. Typically, she likes making temporary Negative Copies of someone she's fighting and having them do one or two attacks before dispersing them. She can actively absorb all negative emotions onto herself in grandscale, though doing this leaves her wide open for a loooong time, about an entire minute.

She can also manifest CALALINI, an alternate formation of the true Calalini and instead her own that takes the accumulated formation of all the negative emotions and thoughts gathered. Once manifested, everyone inside is trapped, herself included, until all the negative energy dissipates. The negative thoughts of everyone become real inside, becoming manifestations that hurt them in the physical plane.

She can shape these thoughts as she pleases, though they must fall under the basis of "a negative thought belonging to someone inside." These can fall under beings, such as an army of spiders, or an entire event that's twisted into a nightmare by all the energy. She herself remains unchanged while in CALALINI however. It dissipates after 10 minutes, and can't be activated for the next 3 days.

Her final ability with this is the capability to manifest herself as negative energy, or rather, a phenomenon befitting negative energy. She can last up to 15 seconds with this, being untouchable as a "phenomenon." While manifesting herself as the phenomenon of negative thoughts, her power reaches incredible bounds, essentially being "negative" in its purest form.

After the 15 seconds are up however, all negative energy she had stored is drained, and she can't utilize Calalini for the next 3 hours. She prefers using this manifestation to "quick-step" away from attacks, usually using it in short-bursts that up to 15 seconds. Manifestation of Decay, the rotting of the mind.

Personality 3: Boros Edit

The “Scapegoat,” they’re not allowed to manifest the horrors contained in their mind, they’re forced to keep them sealed against their will. There are cracks in everything though, and she can temporally manifest them as curses. The first curse targets herself and one enemy, the damage between both of them is split in half so each gets half damaged. The problem with this is, beyond the constant self-inflicting physical damage, it also includes the constant mental damage from the nightmares.

So it traps their target in the same cycle of pain Boros is constantly experiencing. It can target multiple people with this, a total of 5. Next curse, to summarize, are hands of demented force that come out from the cracks on her, 10 in total that can outstretch as far as she sees. These are quite strong and durable, either using them to beat something, grab multiple things and throw them, or to tear something apart.

Her final curse, "sludge," consistently pours out of her as either gas or actual sludge. Either way, it appears twisted in nature, consuming and corrupting everything in its path and instead morphing it into Calalini. While it does this instantly to inorganic matter, organic matter it takes much longer, minutes depending on the biology of the target.

It's extremely noticeable however, being bright red and a deep purple with an edge of black. Most people that are hit with it feel a "consuming" nature, draining them of energy over time. The manifestation of Nightmares, that which should be left unseen.

Personality 4: Boro Edit

He can swap near anything he pleases, such as the properties of objects, the abilities of others, and even swap around stats. This includes changing someone's speed with their strength, or switch someone's magical capabilities with their cooking capabilities. This is on a conceptually level, and each lasts 3 minutes at best. Cool down wise, he must wait another minute before he can swap something on this scale again. He can swap a total of three things before he can no loner swap on this level, two minutes needed for each swap to be used again.

On the mental level, he can swap the consciousness of people so they swap bodies, or even small bits of their memories. These last about 5 minutes each, though body wise, people oddly keep their abilities while swapping through this. He can use swap a total of 5 times with this, a cool down of one minute for each swap used.

On the physical level, he can swap set locations, clothing, or even damage that was supposed to hurt him. He has 10 in total, and each has a cool down of 30 seconds. Beyond this, Boro has no combat capabilities in the slightest. In a pure brawl, he would lose without question, so he's very choosy when to use his swaps, planning out ways to hurt his enemy without actually lifting a finger to do so. Manifestation of Madness, the unpredictable of Calalini.

Personality 5: Roro Edit

Roro doesn't conform with the other personalities, preferring to augment herself instead. She can morph her body and limbs to Bio like weapons, being able to harden certain parts and sharpen others. This includes her arm grotesquely morphing to make a cannon of sorts, being able to shoot her own high-pressurized blood from it.

Additionally, she could manipulate her body temperature to give her blood a "magma" like effect, or a "freezing" effect. Her bones can jut out and act like weapons, or her flesh rippling alive and "devouring" other objects around her to strengthen herself with them. She can stretch out these parts as tendrils as well, going about 15 meters at best. If she wanted to get creative, she could turn her arm into a large maw and boost a bunch from it with some of her blood rocketing it, or split her body apart to turn her ribcage into an Iron-Maiden and crush something.

The only limit really is she needs energy and stamina to do all this, a large amount that requires much food beforehand. A shortcut for this is simply devouring things with her flesh, such as dirt and trees. So long as its organic and provides nutrients in some way, then it'll be fine. While morphing her body, her body must retain its basic shape of humanoid....for the most part.

The flesh that acts as devouring maws of beasts work because most of her is still in the shape of a humanoid. Capable of regenerating most of self, even deadly wounds and lost organs sometimes used as weapons. Only real way to beat is by beating her down or cutting her up enough to the point she runs out of energy or by waiting for her to tire herself out. Manifestation of self, that which wants to be free.

Personality 6: Ors Edit

Can manifest the plant life of Calalini, odd flora with strange abilities. All of them universally have the same capabilities, being able to harness sunlight as a laser attack, and being able to harden this sunlight into crystals that can be used offensively and defensively, though once crystallized, cannot absorb sunlight. Only reflect it. Much of the plant life of Calalini appear as thorned with additional appendages that help them move and hunt prey, such as eyes, noses, or several ears.

Some even use their leaves as weapons, rotating them like saws or throwing them like knives, and more practically some entangle their prey and crush them in their roots. They go through great lengths to acquire prey, using their thorns as drills and shovels to burrow underground and devour from underneath.

While the plants have basic enough thought to eat, some are mindless, eating everything (themselves includes) or being typical plants that don't do much but grow. Fruit are odd, as they're either horribly poisoned, or absolutely delicious. Some plants use their poisonous fruit as weapons, lobbing them like grenades that explode in thorns and gas.

The more delicious fruit is often used as lures and bait, they're smell intoxicatingly sweet and tempting. Can manifest about a 3 plants at a time, though has 6 more as backup for everyone destroyed. Can only manage 9 before tiring and passing out. Manifestation of Plants, that which roots itself deeply and drains.

Personality 7: Oros Edit

Calalini itself, in all its entirety. Can manifest it around her in an area of 25 meters. In this sense, can manipulate the physical world present in the manifestation to embody it more, turning animals into mindless beasts and plants into thorny clumps that lash out wildly, morphing them so both resemble monsters more than anything.

The very land and air around her becomes unstable and alive, her presence alone enough to morph everything around her into the image of her hellish mindscape. Can fully control everything effected by this, as they become a part of Calalini, though only in basic ways. Land wise, this includes such things as having spikes emerge from the earth or small holes to trip people, or just pick up a large chunk and throw it. Air wise, it becomes slightly toxic, making it harder to breath and muscles weaken, or more offensively small whirlwinds and air slices.

In a more creative sense, as they're technically alive now, she can morph the air and land into beast like forms that may attack for her. Animal wise, they become beasts of Calalini, allowing Oros to slightly morph them into more monstrous forms of their base appearance and control them. Plant wise, it's much the same. While sounding useful, animals and plants actually have to be around her.

Object wise, things such as swords, staplers, clothing, paper, pebbles, and so on she can freely manipulate and even bring to life, morphing them into beasts. Object wise, she can't manipulate or transform objects too close or large that are near another person, as their own mind block her from doing this. In other words, she could manipulate jewelry that can easily be taken off, if only barely due to mental interference, but entire sets of clothing on a person she can't. If they weren't on a person, she could.

All of these effects last until Calalini is manifested around her, and once it's gone, they gradually dissipate and revert back to normal over the next day. She may affect and control animals, but can't control other beings with high levels of thought, such as humans. As she's technically in a portion of Calalini as well, she can even manipulate herself to gain heightened physical abilities. It should be noted, that though the word control and manipulate is being tossed around, she can only actively control about 3 things as once. The rest transform and lash around like beasts automatically, not at all under her control.

She can also physically drag multiple people into the Island of Calalini, once inside, having all the abilities present of each personality on her, as well as her own basic one. This lasts for a minute, and afterwards, she can't manifest Calalini for the next day. The Manifestation of Reality, that which is broken beyond repair.

Trivia: Edit

  • Is slightly based on the vocaloid songs Calalini and the Seventh Me. Only slightly though.
  • Their name is based on the Ouroboros, in this case being similar by having six personalities that encircle one body and effectively "eat" each-other.
  • If I made trivia, likes, dislikes, Backstory, and so on for each personality I'd kill myself. Instead, have some basic quirks and what not.
  • Oro enjoys cherries quite a bit, both figurative and literal.
  • Ros enjoys any animal or food colored black.
  • We don't talk about Boros.
  • Boro enjoys food that's premade, such as cup noodles.
  • Roro has wheat not because the way it looks, but because she generally likes wheat and the taste of it, chewing on one piece constantly as well as other wheat products.
  • Ors likes spicy and sweet food, often mixing up the two in odd combinations. Also enjoys flowers and anything relating to them, heartily eating vegetables due to this (ignoring how they barely correlate)
  • Oros enjoys bitter and sour food, as well as listening to music with the volume all the way up to the point its more than likely damaging. Has an odd penchant for gum, having both bubble and chewing.

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