This is a list of all the Wiki Staff and their positions. Respect them and let them do their job. They have earned their positions.


These people have the power of an Admin, along with the ability to assign admins and other such positions.


The Admins have the authority to edit the front page as well as guides and categories. They clean up the wiki and generally make it a better place to be. They also have full chat mod capabilities.

Official ReviewersEdit

These are people who know the guidelines well enough to be able to judge if a page is worthy of Osaka Gakuin status or not. They check the pending category whenever anything falls into it and will review pages as necessary.

They cannot review anything of their own creation. A reviewer must always wait for another reviewer if they want one of their pages added to accepted.

Chat ModsEdit

These people are in charge of keeping the community in line. They have all the rights of a Chat Mod and can kick/ban when neccesary. (All Admins also have full Chat Mod responsibilities)

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