— Phorus
Phorus Sanoo
Title The Shadow Dwelling Devil
Gender Female FemaleIcon
Age 220, Looks 18
Race Nautin
Species Aoquid
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Something
Eyes Something
Height Something
Weight Something
Professional Status
Social Rank First Year,

Potential Nereidine King

Affiliation Osaka Gakuin,

The Nereidine Kingdom

Appearance Edit

Rubbbery, slick oily skin. Hair with fin pony-tail. Gills. Right arm cybernetic, blade on elbow and three slots for high-voltage electrical batteries.

Personality Edit

Rough around the edges. Narrow-minded and short-sighted, only accepting her truth as the one and only truth. Once she decides something is true and something is false, that's that. Nothing can change her mind otherwise, even if hard facts are tossed at her.

History Edit

Chosen for Nautin, born with violet shine. Some shite. Raised with Sea Nautin, illegal things. Defeated powerful sea-monster that threatened business. Took soul. Used Sea-Monster to take down illegal business where she was raised out of self-righteousness for her position as a chosen. Joined Osaka to better understand the land-dwellers and their ways, and also to hone her own skills.

Abilities Edit

Capable of producing own electricity. Can manipulate it to increase her mental processing and reaction speed. Can shoot it forward a max of 5 meters, being able to lightly manipulate the muscle movements of those it hits, as well as read their location via electrolocation and listening to the twitch of their muscle. In that sense, can do the same by sending out electric pulses. Incredibly flexible and hard to hit due to the eel oil on her skin, making her slippery and easy to go through the cracks around hits. Fast, but can't take many hits, especially big ones. Due to the oils on her body, she's immune to electrical attacks, making her reckless with her own electrical attacks. While not strong, increasing her speed with her lightning makes her quite deadly, and quite the challenge to land a hit on.

Cybernetic right arm. Focuses all her electricity here to power it. Sharp claws, blade along the elbow. Specialized palm is able to send out electrical pulses and streams of lightning, as well as endure deep underwater pressure without rusting or being crushed. This resistance of the pressure makes it durable and capable of blocking many attacks, including heavy ones, though with strain from her shoulder. With all the electricity focused on her arm, she can send out her lightning attacks from a much farther distance, as well as focus it better for more destructive and precise attacks. Has three large lightning filled batteries inserted on side cartridges, capable of utilizing one or more of these to enter an overcharged state that unleashes all the electricity in a powerful burst that vaporizes most in its path. However, the backlash for this is obvious. With 1 battery used, the arm is slightly twitchy, while with 2 it begins to stiffen and is harder to control. With 3, it stops functioning entirely. Phorus knows the severity of this, and as such, saves utilizes these batteries as last resorts or finishing moves.

Sunday Kelpie Edit

The protector of Phorus, acting as her Guardian Spirit and assistant. As her guardian spirit, watches over Phorus, and can speak telepathically with her. Can be called fourth through some chant or whatever, "blah blah words, Sunday Kelpie!"

Once a deadly sea-monster that lured innocents to their death, defeated and its soul stolen and made to serve by Phorus. Before, it was monstrously sized Leafy Seadragon, camouflaging itself as a coral reef and luring all manners of living creatures before stabbing them with its snouts and sucking their entrails. All in a blinding flash that could hardly be traced before moving on to the next location. Often lured some by using the illusions of loved ones and desired objects, sometimes even imitating an underwater paradise.

Can enter any body of water, and possess it entirely in smaller more focused bodies. Once in the water, it changes hue to Violet. The water it possesses is only manipulable by Phorus and Sunday. Sunday's water is special, being able to utilize self-illusion to appear as any object or material while in fact still being water. While it's capable of solidifying via water tension, this doesn't have much defensive value as it's only to make the illusions seem more well. An example of this can include sprouting a water wall and making it seem like a brick-wall, or hiding in the surrounding area by sprouting a similar wall and having the illusion match the surrounding area. The water in Sunday's possession is totally under its control and capable of switching to various shapes and sizes to add to its array of illusions, even to humanoid beings such as Phorus herself. The amount of clones and transformation size depends on the current water size in use.

Besides these illusions, the water it controls is also blindingly fast, being similar to an aquatic jetstream. Due to its immense speeds, it's able to take other shapes and cast illusions quickly to fool others, as well as pack quite the punch with its hardening and speed. While in possession of water and not freely manipulating it, the water under Sunday's control takes the form of Sunday's original form, a smaller version anyway. A Leafy Seadragon with edged leaves and a sharp snout waiting by Phorus' shoulder, hiding via its self-illusions to wait for a chance to strike.

Ignoring it's self-illusions, Sunday can take on the form of a human briefly for more formal encounters concerning Phorus. While in this form, Sunday can stay out for about 30 minutes before needing a water source to replenish, and appears as a beautiful woman with black curly hair hanging down to her back. Piercing violet eyes, standing tall at 6'2", even without the high-heels. Her skin gets a slight orange tinge, though is usually blocked out by her strapless pitch-black dress that hugs her curves tightly and goes down to her shins, colorful frills going around the top, middle, and bottom. Her snout is quite sharp, and she carries around an equally sharp fan to cover her face.

Sunday is a formal being, though condescendingly so. Refers to those weaker than itself as commoners, and will oddly boast about her own weaknesses and flaws with absolute pride. Sassy, even when it knows it's inappropriate. Rather flippant in that regard, caring little for consequences. Cynical as well, trusting few and far between besides Phorus, even distrusting Poseidon himself. Underneath it all, it does care however, offering cryptic advice at times and listening to all of Phorus' worries, fears, and thoughts.

Equipment Edit

Ignoring her arm, Phorus carries around a toolbox at her side and 2 water bottles, plus three extra batteries inside the toolbox. A trident, along with a multitude of throwing knives. As Phorus doesn't use magic, she gets Sunday to coat it in water instead and then charges them up with electricity. Does this for throwing knives, charging it up it up via the droplet trail left as its thrown. Also used on people, soaking them with Sunday's water before shocking them. This is done especially easily with Sunday's illusions.

Trivia Edit

  • First names comes from the scientific name for Electric Eels.
  • Last name comes from the Japanese God of Storms.
  • Kelpie's are a thing.
  • Slip'n Slides

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