Ehehe~, the world is spinning~
— Hiyuki



The Puffy is a spore that is released by a rare mutation of peat moss. Instead of releasing tiny, miniscule spores in absurd numbers, this particular peat moss throws out singular spores periodically. While the peat moss all but appears normal, the spores it releases appear far from normal. Having the appearance of white cotton candy the size of a baseball, many would be tempted, almost lured, into touching them.

However, as soon as the spore contacts any hard and unforgiving surface, they pop, as fleeting as a bubble. Although, what's quite interesting, is that each spore contains a certain amount of [Fill in blank here with some giggly gaseus stuff :3]. It's been speculated that the fragile nature of these spores come from the sheer amount of gas compressed inside.


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