*He stares down at the work in hand, deciding to nap and do it later*
— Rai
Ragazzo Raccendino
Nickname Rai,


Gender Male MaleIcon
Age 12 (Looks like 18)
Species Homunculus
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Black
Eyes Black and Blue
Height 5'10"
Weight 145
Power Dollhouse
Professional Status
Social Rank First Year
Affiliation Osaka Gakuin
Occupation Bodyguard
Personal Status
Relationship - Contracted with the Demon Sloth

- Contracted to guard Ikalamar

Appearance Edit

Rai has manageable black short hair that spikes forward with noticeable sideburns, a braided ponytail hanging mid-way down his back with a blue ribbon keep it together. His eyes are blue, with a thick black rim going around them. He doesn't have any other noticeable features appearance wise, save the glowing blue scar going down the middle of his chest with veins webbing out from it.

He wears the typical uniform, no noticeable changes besides how messy it looks compared to others.

Personality Edit

Rai has a quiet personality, but this isn't by choice. He's mute, so he can't actually say much. He's very fluent in sign language however, making rapid signals for those capable of understanding it. For those that can't, he's often left to make several gestures, or just give up since it's not worth the effort. He's been told his grunts and sighs are very expressive however, along with his groans and incohesive mumbling.

He's extremely laid back, only putting in the bare minimum of work needed to succeed in most cases. He prefers to procrastinate, doing everything last second, often needing to be forced to do his work early. Rai doesn't care much about himself either, often being reckless due to the belief any damage he takes can be fixed easily with his ability. This borders on straight up self-inflicting, sometimes actively harming himself just to heal it. He's actually quite capable and intelligent, being able to think of plans and solve problems on the fly, often having systems or traps set up that alarm him, making him worry and work less since he believes nothing can pass by him. This is just masked by his choice to relax rather than work.

In his own mind, he's actually rather sarcastic and sassy, often making fun of people and criticizing them while also giving back quips and insults with ease. However, he can't communicate them, so he's often left replying back in sign in a way that avoids further problems and work. Whenever he decides to put some effort in though, his flippancy becomes more apparent through his actions, movement, and expression as he becomes more active. These are fueled by his annoyance at having to put in extra effort as well, wanting to solve the problem quickly before it gets out of hand.

Ever seen partnering up with Sloth, his personality...actually hasn't changed much, in a way. It's true, he started slacking off more, but he started working more to make up for this. Mostly ending up having to drag Sloth's sleeping body around as he did work, even during some combat situations. This left him with the option to set up more traps, or fail, so he went with the former to keep his job and paycheck. In that regard, his increased laziness is balanced by his increased work, hence how he hasn't changed much. Sloth helps him out sometimes, and the two quick along well enough, hardly arguing besides Rai grumbling about her being dead weight most of the time.

Often times, when she's not feeling particularly lazy, Sloth will act as a translator for him by voicing his true thoughts, though these usually come out jumbled.

Backstory Edit

Rai was made, nameless, out of cultivation by one exceptional mage who wished to experiment with limb regeneration, giving him the ability Dollhouse to test this. He raised him at first, teaching him the basics of humanity and how to function properly, especially due to his defect of being mute. After about a year, he was fully grown to how he is presently, giving his "father" the opportunity the opportunity to test on him. First, he got Rai to kill and store failed Homunculi from before him, doing so and then cutting off a few of his fingers. It was gradual, going from fingers, to his hand, to his arm, to both arms, and then eventually internal damage. He managed to heal from all of it, elating the mage who recording his findings.

This continued for another year, until the mage concluded he had recovered enough data and released Rai from his control. Unsure of what to do himself, the still nameless Rai asked his father, who told him that he knew a company that would be interested in someone like him, though it wasn't what he intended for Rai to follow. Curious, Rai took up the offer anyway, heading off to a Guard company. There, they trained him for the next two years, teaching him how to fight up and make up for his lesser strength compared to others. He adapted some of the capabilities for Dollhouse here, along with acquiring his lighters. Still nameless at this point, he randomly decided on his name after eating some alphabet soup and jumbled the letters up.

After these 2 years, he began accepting bodyguard work for the next 4, gradually getting better overtime, but gradually caring less and less due to getting better. He got the request to guard one mage in Italy, apparently being high-tier as he was attempting to capture a powerful demon. He set off to Italy, reading over the report. The mage was obsessed with this greater demon in particular, Sloth, believing it's power capable to be captured and generated as a mass weapon. He became obsessed with her after it drove his daughter to suicide, learning everything about it until he someone managed to find its place of origin and was now luring her there via lingering magic.

That report read, he arrived and took a nap, waking up near the time Sloth arrived. He went to guard the scientist as each attempt to restrain the Demon failed, only to be swatted aside and knocked unconscious. When he came to, he found himself with a scar on his chest, Sloth above him, the lab burned down, and the mage apparently dead. He pieced together the situation, and noted how odd it was. Oddly, Sloth agreed to his conditions of staying, having hardly any qualms and immediately going to sleep.

For the next three years, him and Sloth got along rather well, their personalities rarely clashing, petty arguments happening at best, and mostly bonding over taking naps. On top of his normal training however, he was taught by the Guarding company to better work together with Sloth, the two making a...sometimes cohesive team. Whenever Sloth decided she wanted to help, really. By the beginning of the third year, Rai got a contract to protect the famous Japanese Pop Idol Ikalamar Aido. He accepted, guarding her for the duration of the third year with Sloth. After the year was over, the manager asked for a contract extension, which Rai, who didn't bother reading the contract in the first place, accepted. Immediately, he was roped into attending some highschool called Osaka Gakuin to guard Ika for her duration there.

As it was his job, he couldn't really reject it, so he went along with it with a shrug, though he did need to persuade Sloth a bit. Now, he attends Osaka as a first year guarding Ika with Sloth, or he tries at least.

Abilities Edit

Karakuri Pierrot Edit

Rai only has one ability, something that was installed into him as a form of auto-regeneration but he has adapted for other purposes. The Dollhouse is a adaptable ability that conjures up "doll" parts, more suited for support than combat. These doll parts are in actuality the cut up limbs of whatever he's killed, turned into practical doll parts by his ability to use later.

The original purpose of this was to replace any damaged portion or lost limb of his with a dolls, his Homunculus body then adapting it to function properly. As time passed, he learned more ways to use it, such as setting up dolls as sentries to alarm him whenever they spot something, or traps that reach out and pin someone with their limbs. They also make good minor distractions during combat, and he can stack up their limbs for other creative uses, such as multiple arms to make a hook shot of sorts.

Ever since meeting Sloth, he's learned to make different kinds of Dolls for more elaborate traps and distractions.

  • Chain Doll - Doll that can shoot out chains from sockets to wrap around a target, or pull itself away.
  • Explosion Doll - Doll filled with oil and latent magical energy, set to explode on command or by a large enough source of heat.
  • Nurse Doll - Slightly repairs other dolls, along with anything else it founds broken.
  • Coffin Doll - Large doll with multiple limbs that can act like a shield should it connect them, or as a coffin of sorts should it wrap them around a target

While it may look like it, he doesn't lose doll parts. When they're broken, they get retracted back and later fixed by his ability for later usage, though this takes about a day. He can make five dolls at once during a short-time, requiring a cool down to make more. During jobs however, he has multiple set up as sentries. As he's in Osaka now, he refrains from setting up any around campus...or too much anyway.


The demon Sloth offers him many abilities, or, she would if she felt like it. She helps him on occasion, noting that since they're tied together she's forced to help him at times to save her own skin. Passively, her voice and snores make any combatant he faces get drowsy and lose motivation, the speed of the effect depending on the person. This is only effective should she be sleeping, otherwise the effect isn't in play.

Due to the sealing spell being incomplete, Sloth has no spiritual form, different from other Guardian Spirits in that sense. Besides that, she can also actively assist Rai, if she so chooses. She can reach out from inside Rai and interact with the physical world, though it doesn't need to be all of her, only limbs if she chooses. With that, she can offer additional physical assistance to Rai, or surprise attacks with her fist suddenly striking out. She can manifest her body fully away from Rai to some degree, being able to go out about 100 meters at best by herself being feeling a tug. She isn't very physically strong by default, but being a high-ranking demon makes it enough to the point it's damaging.

Magically, she can can seize the souls of anyone feeling tired, a weight being added over time that makes them feel more and more tired until they eventually collaspe. She can also use this chains as weapons, for both defense and offense, that drain the motivation of anyone who touches them. On Earth, they're length is only about 20 meters. Being under her control though, they don't fully act like normal chains should, making odd turns, twists, and sometimes even splitting apart and changing shape to entangle someone. The more motivation she drains, the stronger she becomes physically and magically.

Being sealed in Rai himself, she can link up with him to give him additional benefits, changing his appearance and leaving him greatly drained afterwards. His skin gets a tinge of grey, his scar glowing bright blue and appearing more demonic, along with his hands and eyes appearing more demonic as well. The flames on his lighters switch to blue demonic flames, and grants him Sloth's passive effect to ignore mediocre effects since she's too lazy to feel them, though his is dropped down to basic. He can also lightly use the Chains of Sloth, reaching out to about 15 meters, though can't manipulate them as wildly as Sloth can. He gets stronger the more motivation he absorbs, and lasts about 3 minutes in this form.

Equipment Edit

Twin lighters he always keeps on his person. Uses them as both guns and swords, shooting out one quick sniper like shot of flame that explodes on impact, and then focusing the flames to act like flaming blades. His main form of attack and weapons.

Trivia Edit

  • Lighters are cool
  • His name meant something. I forgot it. xp
  • The only job Rai has failed is the job where he first met Sloth.

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