— Gypsy
Alias - Scion of the Deep

- The Bastard Wanderer - The Wild Torrent - The Nameless Tide

Title - He who can Conquer All
Gender Male MaleIcon
Age 220
Species Aoquid
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale White
Hair Fins
Eyes Red
Height 5'8"
Power Selection of Life
Professional Status
Social Rank Homeless
Affiliation No one
Occupation Vagabond
Personal Status
Status Without Purpose

Appearance Edit

Albino Aquar.

Personality Edit


Backstory Edit


Abilities Edit

While practicing some techniques to learn the truths of the world out of boredom, he somehow managed to stumble unto ancient sage techniques through awakening his Qi. As he is nowhere near a full sage, these effects are not that powerful, however included ones are listed below. Without his knowing, he's passively gained the ability to see all truths and hear through all falsehoods. In simpler terms, illusions and disguises don't work on him, and neither does invisibility. He can also even see things in alternate dimensional planes too, if he squints hard enough. It even allows him to see magical traces lying around in the air, picking up their sources and where they're gathering. Lying doesn't work on him as he'll hear through it, even if it's the tiniest portion of left out information. This doesn't just include words or sentences, it also involves tone and expression. Somehow or other, his voice has gained a natural soothing or commanding effect on others, able to resolve various issues without the need for combat, or instill that need into others.

These are passive effects he's entirely unaware of, simply "getting a feeling" when something's amiss, and simply assumes there's something wrong with him that lends him these affects rather than something he accidentally taught himself through boredom.

Besides passive, he has a few active ones, namely Qi based. While originally only for combat, he taught himself how to harness them in another more conventional ways, such as heating things up and healing. His favorite to use is one he calls insta-step, being as it sounds. It allows him to instantly move from one location to another in a range of 15 meters, and it can even be used in the air. It's not teleportation, as the line of movement can be traced and taken advantage of.

He does this through advanced bursts of focused Qi coming from her feet to suddenly shoot forward. Similarly, he can produce shockwaves from his hands or body as an offensive measure, timing them to increase his strike's impacts. This can leave deep craters in the ground with a simple touch, and even send some opponents flying. While he does have a small field subconsciously always around his body for defensive purposes, he doesn't even notice it or realize it's there with his adaptability doing all the defensive work.

Qi's applications are more medical however, or traditionally. Due to the little amount of uses he ever gets to use it medically, as his defense is barely ever breached, this as dwindled away a bit and it has primarily become more of a focus on pure offense, raising those up extremely. Should he ever find himself cut or stabbed however, he likely won't notice it as the wound would be healed completely seconds later. Though, this automatic healing field is limited, and can only really take 3 hits as once again, his Qi is more offensive. 

He can heal minor cuts, wounds, stabbings, and bruises, as well as more fatal wounds with focus. This applies more to others than himself, as he's hardly ever needed to heal himself. Or at the least, he's never noticed. At best, he can heal a ruptured organ and some broken bones. More extreme wounds like this take more time however, usually a minute. He also needs to be touching the person as well. 

Besides physical wounds, he can also treat spiritual and magical ailments as well, such as curses and some minor diseases. As with all injuries, he needs to have his palm hover over someone to heal them, keeping it there without moving. 

Selection of Life Edit


Sunset Thirio Edit

It's name holds no true meaning, naming it as such based on the time of day he found it. As for Thirio, it apparently has greek roots to it, connected to some sea-monster or other.

An odd, parasitic being he found on shore one day at the day's end, watching it attempt to crawl to the ocean. In actuality, it is the twisted offspring of Scylla and Charybdis, birthed to wreak havoc across the seas. In parasitic form, it appears as a wormlike pod with eight spike tendrils on its sides, small mouths on the end with jagged teeth. It's about the size of a football, relying on moisture to increase its size. Hence begins its parasitic nature. It attaches itself to other living beings and absorbed the moisture from them, leaving them as dried tusks before moving on and swimming to look for its next prey. Through happenstance, it appeared on the shore that day, and for all intents and purposes should have horribly killed Gypsy.

Upon picking it up and tossing it aside, the parasite attacked from behind, latching onto his back and burrowing into his skin. What should have been a tasty meal lead to confusion as the beast found itself unable to feast, and within seconds found itself somehow symbiotically connected to its prey. Gypsy's body, very luckily for him, adapted to having the parasite within it in mere seconds, connecting it to its internal networks and becoming one with it. Now, the named Sunset Thirio was stuck with Gypsy, for better or worse.

Thirio is animalistic in nature, incapable of complex thoughts and instead focusing on basic survival. As such, it's rather easy for Gypsy to command it. Due to their symbiotic nature, any nutrients Gypsy intakes is given to Thirio, along with any pain, and vice-versa. Should Thirio feel uneasy, Gypsy will be able to feel this at the back of his mind. Gypsy is incapable of communicating with it, as said earlier, Thirio is incapable of complex thoughts. He can command it however, and often treats it as a pet. Due to their symbiotic nature, should Thirio ever be removed from Gypsy, it will be the equivalent of tearing out his insides, and he will die horrifically. Thirio, on their end, will experience great-pain and come to the brink of death, but for the most part will leave, simply with grievous wounds.

As for what Thirio is capable of. First and foremost, Thirio is a powerful and abnormal sea-monster, feeding off and absorbing water to increase it's own strength and size. This water needs to be pure or of magical origin however, the diluted water of the sea being no good for it. While Gypsy himself is incapable, or rather inept, as manipulating and controlling water, Thirio manages to do all the work for him to make it appear as if he's doing it himself. This also includes granting Gypsy with the ability to drain moisture from other living beings, simply needing to be in contact with them to take it for himself and Thirio. This is simply for weaker enemies, but more powerful ones this becomes a chore and he's only able to take small nearly insignificant patches at a time.

Upon being given water, Thirio begins to grow, its appendages extended one by one as more water is given. For the sake of appearances, rather than the usual spiked and suctioned cup covered tentacle with a jagged maw on its type, Thirio's appendage appears covered in water that move around like a torrential stream. A combination of both its parents, Thirio is not a picky eater and eats just about anything that comes along these streams paths, organic and inorganic alike, clamping all things down in its maw. While it's capable of eating stone, metal proves to be difficult at its current size, thick armor proving effective against it. Gypsy prefers to ride on these tendrils during combat, earning him the moniker "The Wild Torrent."

Rather than one large appendage, the water taken in can be spread out evenly for Thirio to use all 8 of its appendages, allowing Gypsy to control them as he pleases. These reach about 15 meters at base, getting longer the more water is absorbed. He can do various things with these, able to make erratic movements and turns with them turn to their nature. He can even sprout further, pure water limbs with, branching them out to create odd attacks. This includes tracing appendages both above and below himself, then closing them down on someone in a jagged shape to resemble a large jaw. Also includes forming a net to catch projectiles in, or a cage like structure to entrap others. As they have mouths on the end, the water covered appendages can even bury underground for surprise attacks.

He can essentially meld them and the water they provide as he pleases, offering him great versatility that makes it seem he himself is controlling the water to a masterful degree rather than a being attached to him. Furthermore, as Thirio is apart of him and grants Gypsy its abilities, so to does Thirio gain Gypsy's abilities, gaining Selection of Life and becoming equally highly adaptive alongside Gypsy. While it's primary purpose is to act as an all encompassing interchangeable offense and defense, Thirio can work well as a support too, providing its water as backup for other parties, and being able to wrap its water-covered appendages around Gypsy's limbs to further boost his strikes or to act as armor.

While effective, the simply fact is Thirio in this form lacks much punch, it's main form of attack beings mouths, the water concealing it's true form acting more as a versatile defense and mobility more than anything. It can, however, fully reveal itself by absorbing the water covering its appendages, looking as if Gypsy "summoned" it. This can be done minorly for one appendage, or for the whole thing. If it's the latter, Thirion is no longer able to manipulate water, instead absorbing it all for itself to grow. Its appendages can grow exponentially with their limiter removed, able to swallow an entire house in one gulp. Its spikes and suctions cups make it easy to latch onto prey to then tear apart and eat with its other appendages, absorbing its moisture along the way to grow more and more.

As it grows, not only do Thirio's appendages begin to grow, but its body begins to show itself as well, appearing as a giant wormlike creature connected to Gypsy through a cord on his back. It's about horse-sized at first, able to be ridden by Gypsy with ease, it's eight tentacle appendages acting as its main method of movement. While primarily aquatic, due to Selection of Life, Thirion is able to be "summoned" on land as well, having no difficulties in breathing. As it grows larger, it's wormlike shape begins to change according to Gypsy's commands and according to the situation at hand, gauging what'd be the best way to adapt.

Primarily, Thirio gains a more multi-headed serpent like appearance, it's mid-section appearing more as a torso with a large jaw present on it, two arm like limbs with fingered hands that can become a sharp-toothed maw. At this stage, Thirio begins to passively absorb all moisture around it in a radius of 20 meters, draining the air of it and lightly taking some from all life around it. This is minimal to the point its barely noticeable and hardly damaging, but taking it from various sources at once is quite filling for Thirio. Touching it at this stage is quite dangerous, leaving a considerable dried out effect on all life that does so. It's about 35 feet tall at this point, only growing more and more as it feeds.

As it grows, it's able to adapt itself more and evolve, able to even grow limbs such as legs, and even begin to sprout wings should flight be deemed necessary. More automatically, Thirio adapts to the natural environment around it to survive, gaining thick heat-resistant plates to casually swim through lava, or gaining thick fur during colder environments, or becoming more fish-like and slick in water to traverse easily, or tough absorbent skin that retains liquids well in someplace like a desert. Thirio can and well adapt to any environment, all thanks to Selection of Life as shared with Gypsy.

In theory, as long as Thirio can keep getting moisture, it will keep growing and growing, and this theory is true. It's simply that there isn't enough moisture in any vicinity Thirio is in to ever make it viable. The most Gypsy has ever gotten Thirio to is 500 feet, battling off against the Scurvy Sails after an accidental encounter with the phenomenon and its crew. While Thirio can become this big, it's important to note, that this can really only happen in places rich with moisture or when attacked consistently with water-based attacks. So really, this one time happened to be a special occurrence due to odd circumstances.

The most Thirio will ever get to is 30-50 feet in most typical situations, and even then this is rare as revealing Thirio in the first place hardly ever happens. While he can adapt, Thirio suffers one of the more extreme problems of Gypsy's, in that he can't adapt internally that well. This is a particular problem given what Thirion eats, or rather what it doesn't since it truly does not care. Healing Thirion is rather difficult as well, taking Gypsy thrice as long with his Qi than he does usually for people.

Thirio eventually regresses in size after awhile due to the strain it puts on Gypsy's body to be connected to a being so large and with such different functions, reverting forms and evolutions as it expels all moisture it has contained as mist. As for why Gypsy doesn't "summon" Thirion more is simply, the effect of mentally keeping it in check so it doesn't go on a rampage and destroy everything around it as per its nature is too taxing for Gypsy, needing several hours rest afterwards, and sometimes even days. The max he has ever kept Thirio up is an hour, straining himself to 2 against the Scurvy Sails, though the latter encounter left Gypsy out for a week. At its fastest pace, it takes Thirio twice the amount of time it was out to expel all moisture is absorbed as mist, meaning if it was out for 10 minutes, it'd take 20. This can be sped up in bursts, spreading wide-range mist in seconds as a smoke-screen to hide or escape, though this does damage and tire Thirio, forcibly shooting out the substance that grants him life.

Equipment Edit

A staff he managed to win in a duel with a powerfully capable sage, apparently being some ancient relic or other. Either that, or some paper-weight that once kept the weight of the ocean and reached to its deepest darkest floor. Supposedly also called the Compliant Staff, being the rumored Ruyi Jingu Bang. It's abilities are simple, as it goes along Gypsy's will. However, as he is not a full Sage or a being full of devotion, it's full capabilities are locked, but it has modified itself to make up for this and fit his needs better.

It can increase it's size, at max to something that could crush a 4-story building. Shrinking it is possible as well, often needle sized and behind his fin-ear. Weight can be manipulated, making it lighter to swing faster or heavier for deadlier impacts. Either way however, it can only be picked up by Gypsy, as for anyone else it will be indescribably heavy. The Staff can even make copies of itself, it's currently limited form only allowing 4. The copies aren't as strong, and can even break as well, but they serve their purpose. If it should ever be misplaced, he can call it from anywhere, flying towards his hand from any destination. Alternatively, using this method, he can even wield the staff from a distance, having it fly around and knock enemies aside. There is no limited distance for this, but he has to see the location to wield it properly.

As for it's self-made modifications, the Staff has cracked veins going along it, acting as aqueducts that absorb water around it to conduct. This is taken to extreme levels, acting as a high-level sponge that even absorbs the moisture from the very air around it, even taking the moisture from the ground should it be stabbed into it (and have any), and even the moisture of others through contact. This is rather limited however, high-level beings able to resist this, though it does leave injuries it makes wrinkled and dried up, making it more difficult to heal. As for moisture in the air, it takes about a full minute at its highest-speed to drain an amount that's actually useful for combat.

As for what it does with this water, it channels it through itself as the user commands, focused at both ends to make shapes such as spear-heads, scythe heads, a morningstar head, a hammer head, a whip, and so on. It can even be spun to make a dense water-shield, or spun at the tip to make a water-drill. Simply put, it's a highly adaptable weapon, something befitting his tastes.

Trivia Edit

  • Fishy McAdaptable

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