Am I gonna have to smack a hoe?
— Romeo

Appearance: Edit

Romeo Ramirez
Nickname Ray
Alias RR
Gender Male MaleIcon
Age 16
Race Latin-Japanese
Species Half-Oni Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Olive
Hair Blackish Brown with red streaks
Eyes Orange
Height 6'8"
Weight 236
Power Defiance
Professional Status
Social Rank First Year
Affiliation Osaka Gakuin
Occupation Delinquent Student
Personal Status
Status Active
Additional Info
Likes Sweet foods,

Doing whatever he wants

Dislikes Being told what to do
Romeo has greasy blackish brown that he usually slicks back, some points sticking up and giving him a porcupine sort of look. While at home, he’ll freely let his hair hang down. He has an olive complexion and flaming orange eyes, plus two red streaks in his hair that glow and crackle with energy the more he activates his ability. A third strand of hair does the same, though rather it’s an ahoge that perpetually sticks forward no matter what he does.

Typically, he’ll wear the school uniform, though unbuttoned to the point most of his muscled chest can be seen. Besides that, he lets his pants hang slightly to the left. Accessory wise he has a gold chain with the initials ‘RR’ dangling from his neck to his chest, plus a cheap electric watch on his right wrist and some black string tied around his left. Serves no purpose, but he likes the weight it provides.

Outside of school, he wears a black unbuttoned dress-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a plain white v-neck underneath it. He wears his typical accessories with this, plus matching black pants with a gold-chain looped on the right-side and plain brown dress-shoes. A bonus accessory he has is a pair of black shades with gold trimming tucked into his shirt, sometimes donning them if light bothers his eyes, or to hide his appearance whenever he's eating sweets.

Personality: Edit

Romeo is a no bullshit, straight up G that ain’t take nobody's excuses. In other words, he could be described as a typical delinquent, not doing what anyone tells him to and instead just does whatever he wants. Whenever there’s a problem he can’t solve, he punches it. Whenever there’s something that annoys him, he punches it. He hates excuses more than anything, viewing them as just that, excuses. In similar fashion, he also despises two-bit punks that are all talk with nothing to back it up, along trifling hoes that think they're better than they actually are.

This doesn’t mean he can’t be calm. Ever since coming to OG, he tries to be calmer to appease his father, but there’s just so much in the school that pisses him off it fails miserably. He often comes out selfish, only really caring about himself, which is half true. Coming from a rather poor background, he can sympathize with people in similar scenarios, and will occasionally help people he feels might need it. He massively dislikes people who use these backgrounds to fish for other people's pity, having no tolerance for them. Due to his poor and somewhat closed off upbringing, he has little knowledge of the present world of 2142, barely knowing the basics of magic while completely clueless to the supernatural. He doesn't even know how his own ability works, just that it does.

As he’s from America, he talks more so in their lingo and uses they’re slang, often ignoring basic Japanese customs to instead forgo in American ones, such as going for a handshake instead of bowing, and speaking in a far more casual way than he should. Has an obsession with sweet foods, and will nearly do anything for some. If he eats sweet food that tastes like crap, he'll take it as a personal insult to the food and himself, reacting similarly to how he would if insulted.

Backstory: Edit

Romeo was born in Florida, USA. His father was of Spanish descent, while his mother was an Oni. As far as he knows though, his mother is completely normal. At birth, he was given his powerful legacy of “Defiance,” causing endless trouble by breaking nearly everything around him. His mother tried her best to control him, having the same ability, but her motherly stance towards him couldn’t surpass his rebellious baby mind, so it often ended in failure.

Throughout his life, this became a recurring theme. His mother died about 4 years after his birth in some accident, so his father raised him. He grew up with normal children around him, often causing immense amounts of trouble by breaking anything that set him off as he grew up. His power often ended up hospitalizing most children, which in turn made no one bother with him as he grew older and older. He often took what he wanted, with little understanding of what the hell his abilities were as his mother could never explain, and his father hardly knew about it.

Not knowing how his abilities worked, to him, it was everyone else that was weird. At around middle-school, a certain gang pissed him off, so he hospitalized the entirety of it.  He did the same for the next gang, and the next, until eventually he wiped out every gang in town. This began to attract the attention of some more “magical” fellows, which tried to capture him. Of course, he hospitalized them.

This new trend continued for the entirety of his middle-school career, happening about once or twice each year. By the time he entered high-school, things calmed down, or it seemed that way. Near the end of his first year, a certain incident happened where a more major magical guild tried to attack him. Long-story short, they blew up his school, so he beat up every single one of them. This fight, however, was more drastic than his previous ones, and left him severely injured for the next few weeks.

With his school blown up, he had nowhere else to go. Thankfully, after all the incidents, his father finally found a school that he might just fit in. He researched intensely, and the fruits of his labor finally payed off and paved the way to Osaka Gakuin. Deciding it was best for him, and since there was no other high-school near them, he brought a ticket and sent Romeo off to Japan to his new school.

Abilities: Edit

Street fighter. Good at reading movements and basic dodges, able to get a basic grasp on someone's style from their stance and then read through it. Has a wide-range of street-smarts, knowing loads of lingo and tell-tale signs around him when something isn't as it fully seems. Has an encyclopedia knowledge on sweets.

As he is an Oni, and technically a half-demon, he doesn't have much to show for it save his large stature. He's able to retain his muscular structure no matter how much he eats or slacks off, oddly, and even without his Legacy ability he's naturally physically stronger, faster, and more durable. Also, his life-span is greater and he heals at a faster rate.

More oddly, he displays the ability to understand what animals are saying, able to interpret their speech sometimes and even speak to them. This is a more a random effect however that only pops up occasionally, not having fully control over it yet.

Beyond the Bounds Edit

Romeo's main legacy ability, its name instead coined as "Defiance" due to its nature and the lack of him knowing its true name.

Romeo, even if he doesn’t know it, is a legacy. One of the lineage variety, in fact. It comes from his half-oni demon blood, spanning back to the legendary Sakata Kintoki himself. The legacy gives him the physics bending ability of “Defiance,” the ability to manifests one's will as a weapon and defy all around them, so long as their will can surpass it.

Actively Edit

Speaking in an active sense, this pertains mainly to offensive, support, and utility uses.

Physically, this allows him to perform impossible feats, such as run at breakneck speeds, or toss boulders like they’re small pebbles. Even shrug off a few powerful blows, though this has a limited number depending on the overall added force. I.e. One absurdly powerful blow could wipe it away, while several small ones that need to be at least somewhat damaging that add up to the powerful blow will surpass it.

Scientifically, he could very well defy the laws of physics. being able to walk through walls and ignore such things as friction and gravity to some extent. The fact of the matter is, he’s too dumb to get understand that, and whenever he does do it it’s based on pure instinct.

His most powerful ability from this though, arguably, is his the ability to defy concepts, such as death. To defy an entire concept though is a remarkable feat, one that takes immense will and magic. As of now, he can only defy death, and even then that can currently only be done once a year. Just about the only effect of his Legacy he’s aware of the mechanics for.

Passively Edit

Speaking in a passive sense, this pertains to defensive and support uses.

Magically, defensive wise, he could shrug off spells and curses without ever actually noticing they’re aimed at him. The magic, however, falls under the same effect as the physical damage towards him, so it could end up hurting him. Offensive wise, he could harness raw “defiance” energy that tends to destroy most everything in its path. The only way he knows to harness it is by punching though, sending out a “zoom punch” of sorts.

Trivia: Edit

  • Has a habit of saying bitch and hoe a lot. Really a habit of cussing in general
  • Has an absurdly high sweet-tooth, though he tries to hide it as he thinks it’s “girly.” Despite that, if someone found out he’d beat them up and claim it’s “manly.”
  • Is technically Japanese from his mother’s side
  • His name has no meaning. I was just trying to think of the most baller name possible.
  • Often shouts “MATAMATAMATAMATA” while punching something. He means to say the word kill, or matar, but saying it repeatedly it comes out like that.
  • After making a deal with the Demon Lust, he now has one of her Flaming Servants constantly following him he calls Roxy. Acts as his smacking hoe, something he backhands whenever annoyed or upset.

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