It doesn't taste as bad as you might think!
— Hiyuki



The Squishy is a very intriguing yet useful creature, that fascinates many people. The first and foremost noticable aspect of it would be its


appearance. Small, yet adorable, this slime is often kept as a pet, sometimes even being plucked from the side of the road by a child.

Weighing in at about a pound, the Squishy is easily carried around. Being only about a foot in diameter, and half a foot tall, they can easily hide themselves, sometimes squeezing their bodies through tight spaces. While translucent, their color varies depending on their diet, which has led to some people feeding the Squishy food-coloring. Their eyes are probably the only part that isn't influenced, staying at a clean white.

However, it's cute appearance is not what causes alot of people to pick them up as household pets. Contrary to their small appearances, they have a multitude of possible usage. First and foremost, they are excellent cleaners. Often, within the city, they can be found rolling around, picking up an assortment of litter into their bodies, before finding a quiet spot to digest. Any material, if they choose to, can be slowly broken down to the molecular, and then the atomic level, before being consumed as nutrition for the creature. However, that is only in regards to whatever can enter its body. If it can not, in some way, wrap itself partway around an object, it would take far too long to break down, and thus they would give up and go find something else to eat.

Intriguing enough, due to them breaking down materials in an effective and clean manner, a Squishy is actually edible. Posing no risks, just about anything can survive on a diet made purely of Squishy. They usually contain the necessary fibres, minerals, and vitamins that a living creature might need, and a few extra things that, while one creature might not require, another might. According to alot of testimonies, a Squishy doesn't have much of a taste, although the sensation of it feels akin to eating a ball of jello.


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