Current Story Antagonists: Edit

Bygone 'Ayum(Days): Human Supremacist Group that are also terrorists.

Robot angel - Android that develops emotions due to long term to exposure to magic, and those emotions are hatred towards humanity. So, he rebels and through a backstory event steals the soul of multiple Seraphs, hence getting their accumulated powers. Convert others to his cause.

Jinn Raja: Genie that originally resided in a lamp found by Oros, stole it, and now reeks havoc for revenge and what not.

Ouroboros: The Ouroboros isn't a "person" or a "thing." Rather, it's a concept. The manifestation of millions upon millions of dead vengeful hateful spirits merging as one to make the Ouroboros. In this case, "the world that eats itself." A nigh unkillable being, as it is not technically “alive” it is merely a “concept,” that it is and always will be. Forever plaguing the earth until it consumes itself in its own hate. Pretty much, being a concept, the main issue would be after the first time its "killed" everything goes back to normal. Then it comes back. Again. Again. And again. So the main point would be attempting to figure out how to permanently defeat the Ouroboros so the world doesn't "eat itself" with its own hatred.

Mini-Arc Antagonists: Urban Myths that Plague the Town, multiple offered by users 'round the sire. Current ones

  • Professor Adam (Offered by Jo)
  • Evil Fuck You Cheshire Cat (Being done by Lord Souples)
  • The Black Eyed Boy (Skitti)
  • The Swarm (Mkat)