I am mad scientist~!
— Hiyuki


Technology, being one of the three main Triads, is 


While not appearing to be "technology", this Triad has been around ever since sentient beings were around. Only, what was refered to as "modern technology" back then, is viewed as "heavily outdated, medieval, and barbaric" currently.

Categories and Details Edit

While the Supernatural and the Arcane have their own conditions behind their abilities and tricks, Technology is far more simplier, in theory. You have the standard appliances that can be found at any retail store, the unpowered yet versatile tools, and then you have some of the absurdly intricate mechanisms, that would take a degree in some form of engineering, to be able to fathom their use.

Power GenerationEdit

While technology, by definition, does not only refer to power appliances, it is the first thing that most people would think about. Currently, power generation has become much more environmentally friendly, in theory. In actuality, it's not that simple. The main form of energy production, is nuclear, with the standard renewable energy production supplementing it.

However, nuclear power plants are located only within a few selected countries, who reign each other in by agreements and conventions. Other, generally smaller/weaker countries, get by with

Medication The current level of medicine.

Mundane Edit

Mundane tech level, such as toasters, vacuums, and what not.

Communication Edit

Oddly enough, despite

Weapon Edit

Current level of weaponry.

Transportation Edit

Current level of transportation.

Fuel Edit

The current types of fuel being used and how they are procured.

Magical TechnologyEdit

Not to be confused with MagiTech as a whole, Magical Technology


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