The Black Eyed Boy
Black Eyed Boy
Nickname Kyran
Gender Male MaleIcon
Age 11 (appears)
Complexion Pale
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Height 4'7"
The Legend of the Black Eyed People has seem to been encountered by many. Unfortunately, this myth, nicknamed Kyran, has been personified and now haunts the residents of Osaka Gakuin.


Pale skin, small frame, and pitch black eyes. His jet black hair falls over his eyes and is quite unkempt. He wears completely black clothes that look dirty and tattered in certain places.


He has no personality. When he talks to his targets, Kyran speaks in monotone and stares with a blank and stoic expression on his face.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

According to myth, the Black Eyed People were seen popping up in random places to capture your attention. They also gave off fear as if it were a bad stench. People would just feel extremely fearful when near these types of "creatures".

Kyran is no exception. He can teleport when no one is watching and illuminates fear and darkness and doom. He will also acquire a scary face when angered. It is also said that they have the ability of light mind controlling, slowly pressuring their victims to allow them entrance into their domain.


According to myth, the Black Eyed People (BEP) were human-like creatures with pale skin, black hair, and black eyes, including the usually white part of the eyes. They showed no emotion except... well... we'll get to that soon. They usually wore all-black clothing. Commonly, they were male and young children, however they could also be female or  an adult.

What these BEP would do was go up to people in their cars or their homes and knock on the door, asking to be let in. If rejected, they would continue to ask, getting angrier and angrier the more their rejected. They can't enter a home or car without approval, but their anger and fearful aura still spook their victims. They have slight mind controlling, pressuring their victim to accept their demand. The strong willed were able to ignore their command and finally tell them off. Unforunately, the weak minded buckled under the pressure and allowed them entrance... not much has been said of what happens when they are allowed to enter because the homeowner or carowner never seems to live to tell the tale. Some say they take your life energy until your nothing but a dead raisin (not literally).

Kyran is just like the myth. He is the myth. Thanks to a magic, Kyran became a personified fable and now haunts the streets of Osaka, terrifying people young and old.


  • Based off of a myth (obvsiously)
  • His nickname, Kyran, means "little dark one" in Celtic, which is funny because in Sanskrit it means "ray of light."
  • Classification of Antagonist is Thug