The Librarian
Nickname Bookmaster, Father, Sweetie, honey, etc (names family or close friends would call each other)
Title Librarian
Gender Male MaleIcon
Race Construct Homunculus
Species Homunculus
Handedness Left
Complexion Pale-ish green with tree bark texture is several areas
Hair None
Eyes Honey
Height 8 ft
Professional Status
Affiliation Osaka Gakuin
Occupation Librarian
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives None

Appearance Edit

The Librarian as most know him is a large 8 foot tall Construct Homunculus who at first glance you'd believe him to be a sick earth god. His skin is a pale-ish green, and multiple areas of his skin are rough and resemble bark. It's not uniform or symmetric on his body, and sometimes a branch will start to grow from the bark-like areas. He's built like a giant, but looks skinny due to his pacifist nature and years of not fighting, which caused muscle decay. The homunculus is bald, unless one considered the twigs sprouting up from the side of his head hair, looking a lot like really small antlers. His face is nothing awful, but he does have a few scars and a bark patch on his left cheek.

The librarian wears a special robe version of the staff uniform due to his large stature and odd body features. The altercations make for larger sleeves and a open from to allow his skin to breath, as well as a hood to cover his head. He can also always be seen carrying his special lantern cane, and on most occasions surrounded by spirits.

Personality Edit


Abilities and Traits Edit


Backstory Edit

-End of the holocaust and WWII

-Nazi Magus flees Germany in 1946 to Argentina to escape capture by US insurgency

-spent a little less than a year building a home hidden in a forest to hide

-within the year of home construction, finds a dead Earth Spirit, and takes the opportunity to create a construct homunculus from the remains and the energy source of a earth elemental

-with the created Homunculus, he orders it to roam the forest to protect the hide away of the magus, killing anyone who seeked to kill or capture him.

-Successfully defends the forest for several years, which includes some US government soldiers and Anti-Nazi magi.

-After some time, the master doesn't leave the secluded home, and due to the protective nature of the homunculus, seeks his master to see to his safety.

-searches for signs of life, and breaks down the door when he finds none. Finds his master dead in living room chair, rotting as if he'd been there for some time.

Trivia Edit


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