Kicked out from everywhere else? Welcome home!
— Hiyuki


In the wake of an unknown assailant's rampage, the place was completely demolished, with every building nigh on leveled to the ground. The entire ecological system of every location he visited was heavily effected, as plants, animals, and other aspects of nature have disappeared from the location. The ruins, as it is called now, is a conglomeration of countries who have all been attacked by a demi-god with omnicidal tendencies. As a result, barely any survivors remain, if any, and order stopped existing, governments collapsing as nobody could deal with such a threat.


Present day, almost nobody, refers to the Ruins by the fallen countries' names anymore, however it does encompass a sizable portion of the Middle East, and ending up to China. Whether this is due to the lack of information, ease of communication, or perhaps sueprstitions, is up for debate. However, despite having been leveled into nothing but rubble, there are people who chose to move there.

As there is a severe lack of governmental presence in the area, and with foreign countries prefering not to needlessly spend resources on such a valueless piece of land, the Ruins has become a haven for criminals and outcasts.

While there are 'communities' in the Ruins, it's not exactly a town, or a settlement to be exact. As there isn't much left of the land, whether it's food, shelter, supplies, or infrastructure, most of what people live off are usually transported in, either by those who 'live' there, or by merchants trying to make deals with the residents.


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