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The Swarm
Nickname Cloak
Age Unknown
Hair None
Eyes None
Height Varying
Weight Varying


The swarm is an urban myth and a massive hive-mind who controls insects, wearing a cloak.

Appearance Edit

The Swarm is a massive collection of insects, and looks this way as well. They try to conceal themselves through a mask, gloves, and boots, without forgetting the signature cloak. The cloak is dark purple in color, the mask is black with green eyes and lips, and the mask/boots are both black.


The Swarm acts in it's best interests to continually feed, attacking all living creatures for a combination of survival and enjoyment.

It is undoubtedly unstable, at time multiple voices overlapping as it talks, but certainly something to fear when one voice reigns.

It's incredibly sadistic, laughing as it eats and chases down it's prey.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Swarm is capable of swelling and compressing in size, seeming never-ending to those who don't realize there's more of them then they originally thought. However, there must always be a remaining insect in the cloak, or else it loses it's life. The Swarm can entirely compress all of it's default insects into a humanoid shape, and quite densely. When scattering out, it can be quite a bit larger in size, but lacks the same density. At most, it can swell up enough to fill a large room.

The Bugs also cannot leave 50m of the cloak, or else they will lose connection to it.

They are capable of flight, and have nasty bites and stings, leaving swells, and possibly poison in their wake. Some of the larger bugs in it's arsenal can take off small chunks of living creatures, whilst others can poke holes of fine precision.

They are capable of splitting up and reforming with local bugs, but can't be at their full strength unless all gathered into one.


Due to a strange series of coincidences involving a cloaked salesman, horribly bizarre food and multiplication of insects, a myth about The Swarm was spread around school campus, saying if you cooked something horrible on campus, a swarm of flies will envelop you and eat you.

Summoned by the aftereffects of the Djinn, the Swarm came to be.

Trivia Edit

Lord of the Flies reference.

The Swarm as a whole is a Thug in antagonist classification.

Magic = E

Durability = S

Physical = C-

The total of these are 8, giving it a rounded average of 3, classifying it as a C rank.