Goddamn thing posting this before it was ready.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I put more effort into my characters here than I rightly should've in the end. I at first thought that maybe it was just bading timing to post them in Pending, or more recently that I thought it'd be a while because I'd heard there was a Re-Review coming around.

I feel that I was wrong about that. As far as I can see, I've lingered here too long without realizing that no one really cares that I was putting my characters into pending. I wish that it'd been more upfront about that and I'd have left a long time ago. But as with my reasons over on RWBY Fanon, this is why I am leaving here as well. 

So unless i feel like coming back here as well, this is probably it for me. Just don't mess with my pages I guess just in case. Delete my other blog posts as well please.  

And yeah, you guys were swell but I can at least see that I'm not really wanted here. Bye for now I guess.

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