• ImpSyndrome

    Site status?

    September 1, 2014 by ImpSyndrome

    Because it's been a while now with no major changes to suggest that we're getting started any time soon. I realize that people have personal and social lives and such outside of Wikia, but I think we could've easily gotten the ball rolling by now. The lack of accountability is honestly kind of discouraging, so I'm stepping up. I want to hear from ALL of the site staff to learn what the trouble is so I can suggest ideas for helping to get things set up.

    I know that communication is a big deal, since not everyone is online at the same time. Skype seems to be the method of choice for some of the site staff to talk to each other and discuss the site; I've suggested using an admins-only sub-board on the site forum to keep things organized, but t…

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