aka Michael

  • I live in London of la Britainnia
  • I was born on December 7
  • My occupation is Flunking Student
  • I am Male.
  • Mkatkannon

    It'd be really cool if we could have RPs that take place off campus, perhaps in on-city locations or abroad, with the context of school trips, containing either classes of characters or clubs. Just putting it out there. 

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  • Mkatkannon

    Y'all need Jesus

    May 11, 2016 by Mkatkannon

    I get the title is slightly misleading, but it has some meaning. We have a page for demons, but not one for angels. 

    Currently, the most angelic thing we have on the wiki is a half angel. Where is the love for the holy? Where is the praising of the sun?

    I'm not sure how writing up lore works as well, is that an any user thing or do the admins take care of writing for already pre-existing races?

    I'd personally be down to give the Angel species page a shot if that was a public user thing.

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