Can't keep up? Then, good night!!!
— Velto
Velto Jisha
Nickname Vel
Alias Raijiu Rider
Gender Female FemaleIcon
Age 17
Race French-Japanese
Species Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair White
Eyes Pink
Height 5'8"
Weight 136
Professional Status
Social Rank First Year
Affiliation Osaka Gakuin
Occupation Biker

Appearance Edit

The first thing anyone will notice about Vel, is how pale she is. Remarkable so in fact, her messy unevenly cut waist length hair somehow manages to be paler. Said hair even looking as if parts of it were bitten or chewed off, but also just having been though a wind-tunnel. Her eyes are a contrasting pink, though are typically covered with a pair of heavy magenta sharp triangular shades. Vel is actually an albino, the shades (which oddly remain on her face, even when going at intense speeds or hanging upside down) are used to protect her eyes from harsh sunlight. She doesn't wear a helmet when she rides her bike, preferring to feel the intense winds across her face.

Wears the normal uniform, albeit with a shorter thigh-high skirt and her shades on her face. Wears compression shorts underneath her skirt as to allow easier movement. Specifically, running and kicking. Accessory wise, she keeps a brown belt with a stylized center with large plated lightning bolts crisscrossing, said belt oddly going around her waist despite having nothing to hold up.

Personality Edit

Vel is an adrenaline junky, doing physical activity often for the sake of just feeling that rushing sensation course through her body. Often leads her into trouble, doing stupid things when she shouldn't be doing them, like attempt to break into the Principals office because it could be exciting, or jumping off the roof of the school to see if she can stick the landing. While all this does sound stupid, she does have a legitimate reason for it. Due to her condition, ever since she was young, she was treated like she'd break at any moment. Whenever she feels that rush of excitement, it reminds her that she's alive, here on the world. It makes her feel free. She's taken a penchant for running because of this, giving her the greatest rush, with wind blowing through her hair and the sensation that feels almost like flying when her feet aren't on the ground. This has grown to a love of going fast in general, leading up to her becoming a biker.

Prefers taking things at her own pace, which is fast. If others can't keep up with her, then she lets them crash and burn. If someone doesn't have the capacity to do it themselves, then she doesn't see any reason to help them. Because of this, will often overlook things such as bullying, and even some minor crimes. She loves technological things, especially ones that look slick and sleek, but holds her own pride before that, believing someone shouldn't get implants unless they need them (i.e. cyborgs), and often disapproves of those who do for not being able to do things with their own power. and taking the easy route. Especially loves vehicles, and will attempt to fiddle with any one that happens to catch her interest. Gets inhumanely furious at people who scratch or harm her bike, but is also cocky to the point where she believes practically no one can do that. She's fine for settling for number 2, but when it comes to speed, she won't settle for anything lower than the best.

Backstory Edit

From a young age, Velto was always treated like a doll. Upon being birthed and diagnosed with her condition, she was raised like she would break at any moment. She was coddled at every turn, unable to do anything for herself. Whether it was while home, or at school. She was often avoided because of this, and was left to play by herself. It wasn't until her first year of middle school, on her birthday, when a stranger finally approached her, asking if she needed a ride home as she missed her bus. While reluctant at first given he was a toatl stranger, she accepted it against her better judgement as she wanted to get home fast for her cake, experiencing what she could only describe as freedom for the as the wind blew by her face in his convertible. As they arrived at her house, she thanked him and mentioned it was her birthday, so in response, the stranger gave her his shades and then drove her.

She had no idea who the stranger was, not even do this day, but it was that single moment that drove her to become what she is today. The shades the stranger gave her quickly became her signature shades, and from that point on she began being far more rebellious against her parents, gradually disobeying them more and more as she finally did what she wanted and not what they wanted. It was slow at first, denying them of their help to eat, to sleep, to picking her own clothes, and gradually becoming more and more extreme. She began joining multiple sports clubs and broke several rules in school, often getting in trouble and having her parents come over to apologize. It was never the same for her though, never enough, compared to what she felt with the stranger. No matter how fast she ran, or how hard she lifted or climbed. She never got the same rush.

By chance, she happened to steal a kid's bike that was in her class, doing so as compensation for him being weak. She rode it down a hill, and suddenly it all clicked for her. She felt the same sensation she felt as on that day, and it was then she knew what to do. She took up studies and classes in mechanics, eventually convincing her parents to buy her a motorcycle, albeit a bit rundown and cheap. Immediately going to work on it, after a year and a half worth of hardwork, she completed the prototype version of Fractured Lightning. Going out for a test drive, she immediately crashed as she was so unused to driving something at such intense speeds. Hospitalized for a few weeks shortly after, she rebounded easily and fixed her bike to try again, ignoring her parents protests. She eventually got the hang of it, adding more and more crazy upgrades to her bike to make it the best in all Japan. When the time came for her to go to highschool, she decided she wanted to go to someplace well known to prove she was the fastest there was, and decided to go to Osaka. Now, she rides through its streets at night, while learning and being a student by day.

Abilities Edit

Nothing spectacular. She has above average stamina, endurance, and strength thanks to all the stupid things she does, and is particularly fast when compared to others. Has a high tolerance for pain thanks to the constant accidents and injuries she's been through. Can run a mile in 4:10, and 100 meters in seven seconds, all without hardly breaking a sweat, and with her own natural abilities. Strength wise, she can bench a bench. With people on it. Knows quite a bit of mechanic lingo, being a mechanic herself when it came to upgrading her bike. Due to all the electricity she's around and constantly absorbing, her base reflexes have gone up higher than a normal person

Equipment Edit

Fractured Lightning Edit

Her bike. It's incredible fast. It can break into 120 miles per hour at only 1.5 seconds, having a top-speed of 840 miles. Besides being fast, has several tools on it, being able to project a force-field around itself and its driver that can defend against a tank-round. This force-field can also be weaponized, focusing it entirely on the front of the bike and using its speed to act as a battering ram, capable of tearing through stone with ease, as well was heavy plated armor.

Outside the force-field, it's still quite durable, its armor being able to take multiple bullets without a scratch. Has 4 wheels rather than 2, both wheels placed side by side in the front and back that make it seem like one big thick tire. Deployable spikes reside on the tire, being used to crush everything in front of the bike with its speed and weight. Has a gravity altering system that allows it ride on walls and ceilings, being used on the rider as well to lower stress. Is so advanced, it even allows driving over large bodies of water, including the ocean.

Can generate electricity all along itself, being able to shoot out powerful bolts, an automatic defense system that zaps any projectile, vehicle, or being that gets near it, similar to a tesla coil. This can be fiddled with however to aim and zap out focused bolts. Can leave an electrical streak behind itself that trails along lazily, fading away after 15 seconds that shocks anything it touches in that timeframe.

With all these functions combined and revved up to their max, it enters a state of being overcharged, becoming lightning incarnate as its surrounding entirely by electricity in a force field point as it reaches the speed of lightning, a whooping 4,520 miles per hour, but only for about 10 seconds (if my math is correct, that's 12.6 miles in that time) before all its systems overheat and shut down, taking about 30 minutes to get back its basic driving capabilities, with another 3 hours for its advanced systems to start up, and a total of three days before its able to overcharge again.

The streak left behind while in overcharged state matches its intensity however, incinerating near everything in its 15 second timeframe. Uses electricity as its fuel, on average lasting for 8 hours before needing to recharge.

All these amazing features aside while in base form, it can also transform and become a mech-suit for its driver to use. Its force-field and electricity generation are available while in this form, along with boosting all basic physical stats. Two tires reside on the legs, being replaced for feet as it allows for more advanced and faster mobility. The other two tires reside on the wrists, being able to be used by the hands as grinding weapons. Not as fast as bike-mode, not by a long-shot, only approaching half of its top speeds, though can use its shoulder as a battering ram.

The mechas overcharge mode lasts a minute however, as it doesn't just focus on speed, but on everything else instead. Takes the same amount of time for its functions to start up again. On average, the mecha mode lasts about 4 hours before needing to recharge, though, Vel doesn't use it much.

Miscellaneous Edit

On her person, Velto carries around a pair of electrical charged brass-knuckles, spikes popping out from the front with a click of the side. She has sneakers of similar effect, though the spikes are deployed on the bottom of them. While the brass-knuckles don't do anything but pack a punch, her sneakers increase her speed, halving the time it usually takes for her to run and break 100 meters in 3.5 seconds flat. On her phone, she has an app that calls over Fractured Lightning to her position, no matter where she is, the bike blowing through everything to get to her position.

Trivia Edit

  • Velto is a mix of French words bike and motor.
  • Jisha is Japanese for something. I think? Should write down these name origins at some point.
  • Slightly inspired off Kintoki (Rider) from the Fate franchise
  • Her alias, Raiju Rider, comes from her usual outings at night when she just drives around the streets at intense speeds, streaks of lightning trailing behind her. She likes to do this as a way to claim territory, so she often does it around Osaka at night.

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