Heh, what's the matter doll-face? Can't keep up?
— Xakep

Appearance: Edit

Xakep Haikara
Nickname Xa
Age 16
Race Cyborg
Species Human
Handedness Left
Complexion Fair
Hair Neon Green
Eyes Orange
Height 5'8"
Weight 184 (Cybernetics add to this)
Power Digital/Virtual Manipulation
Professional Status
Social Rank First Year
Affiliation Osaka Gakuin
Occupation Hacker
Personal Status
Status Active
Xakep has neatly cropped glowing neon green hair, the tips of it slightly curving upwards. His eyes are mainly neon blue, but change color depending on how well his system is working, and sometimes change every second. A wireframe structure begins underneath his eyes and go down his face, the wireframe being the same present color as his eyes.

Being part-cyborg, he obviously has some cybernetic implants, or things to designate that he is one. The obvious first glance for this is the wireframe that spreads throughout his entire body. The second obvious glance is the cybernetic wireframed shoulder pauldron that is his left shoulder, the pauldron being able to extend and cover the entirety of his also artificial left-arm. As for accessories, he has a pair of folded sky-blue glasses tucked in his collar, a gray fingerless glove on his right-hand, and a black fedora with a red cybernetic flower pierced through the right-side.

He wears the typical school uniform, the right arm being bare and short-sleeved with the left-arm being covered by a long-sleeve.

Personality: Edit

The first thing anyone will know notice about Xa, besides his style (something he prides himself on), is how just how much of a braggart he is. A majority of what he says are boasts of just how capable he is, and how he can take on anyone. He tends to show-off what he can do a lot because of that, though, being a bit pushy in that regard as well as he'll going at it until he feels like stopping. While most wouldn't believe it due to his attitude, he's remarkably intelligent, being able to figure out most problems in a manner of seconds and seeing through many tricks.

Bit of a "bad-boy" as well, often breaking rules just for the hell of it and picking up chicks just to break their hearts. Very prideful as well, taken insult said towards him or at a friend to an extremely personal level. This pride extends to his own character as well, keeping himself at the peak of his condition to uphold his integrity and being "a man of his word." Knows when to back down from something, acknowledging the other party as "better than him." Doesn't enjoy underhanded tactics, preferring to do things fairly. Frowns upon those without any pride or integrity, spitting in their faces. Protects those he believes to be weak, viewing his past self in them.

Backstory: Edit

Born into a richman's family, Xa was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was the son of a famous politician, being taught the basics of politics and how to make a living at a young age. Besides that, he had the uncanny ability to remember it all with just a few sort lessons, quickly excelling in his lessons as a result. His hardwork continued to improve this, impressing his father with his work. However, everything for him changed after a single car accident. Both his father and mother died, and he lost the entirety of his left arm, plus puncture wounds along his body.

100 years earlier, he'd be considered dead, but with the current technology, they managed to bring him back. They had to replace some of his innards however, and replace his arm and shoulder entirely. It isn't what he has today, but it was enough to help him get by. With no extended family, he was sent to an orphanage instead. He didn't fit in very well with the kids there, often getting bullied and referred to as weak. After about a year of this, he finally snapped, beating up all the kids with his cybernetics giving him the edge. Of course he got in trouble afterwards, but he didn't care. The kids never messed with him again.

Shortly after that, his "bad-boy" trend began, breaking the Orphanage's rules just because he could and messing with everyone. He never bullied though, as he refused to hurt the weak. While growing older, he decided to continue his political studies, seeing it as a way to keep himself busy. At around the age of 12, he noticed his arm was left arm was getting more beat-up, so he looked for someone online to fix it. Coming up with nothing useful, or at least anything he liked, he decided to study the topic himself.

Finding the study of code fascinating, he further delved into it, gaining a keen interest. Delving into cybernetics as well, he fiddled with his arm a bit, though failed miserably and ended up making it useless. To fix it, he went to a shady cybernetics man, paying him with some of the money he prematurely took from his father's Will. He gave a detailed outline of what he wanted from his arm, and pretty soon, he was given the current arm he has today. Or the prototype. While there, he upgraded his other internal cyborg implants as well, increasing his physical capabilities.

He left, testing his prototype on his computer, but found it lacking. He felt the internal cybernetics were stellar though. He delved further into mechanics, cybernetics, and code for the next two years, experimenting on his arm to try to get the image in his head right. After constant failure after failure, and even then occasional success, he perfected his arm at near his 15th birthday. With it done, he felt a sense of accomplishment, and generally did what he wanted. Wanting to further make a name for himself, he heard of a particular school online that interested him, so after a year of testing his arm, he applied up for it.

Relationships: Edit


Romeo Ramirez: Someone he doesn't mind all too much, and actually kind of respects. The two have an odd relationship, that bond fellow troublemakers often get when forced into close quarters together, being moderate friends that tend to break rules together.

Abilities: Edit

Xa uses his cyborg enhancements to manipulate data, the super-computer that is his shoulder connecting to any wireless electronic device with just a point from his artificial arm. If it takes more than that, he has to physically touch the device or connect to it with his fingers.

Once connected, the supercomputer that is his shoulder copies down each and every single file on the computer, separating junkfiles and viruses into a different section. Alternatively, he can simply take control of the machine with his cyborg arm, playing around with the data inside it by swapping them with ones in his shoulder, or rewrite it entirely so its all a jumble mess. This is then translated into his ability, listed below.

404 Not Found Edit

Can be shortened to just 404.

With it, he can physically pull out data and solidify it with hard light and virtual technology. By default, this data just appears as a large digital 8-bit bar, representing the code he just pulled out. He has about three types with this, Basic, Program, and Virus. Of course, each code he has is limited, so once it breaks, it's gone. His shoulder being a supercomputer though, he's not particularly worried about that. Plus that, he can combine the code he has, though this takes up additional data to happen as well.

Basic Edit

With basic code copied, he can just about make anything he wants, a digital car, a digital sword, a digital lightning bolt. You name it. Of course, each code he has is limited, so once it breaks, it's gone. His shoulder being a supercomputer though, he's not particularly worried about that. There are about 3 types of code he uses for combat. Basic code, as explained earlier.

Junkfiles fall under basic code. While versatile, the basic code is just that, basic. It's pretty sturdy, and deals some good damage, but of course it does. It's basic. Basic code he can make with just data in general, having such a high amount he hardly worries about it running out. It's versatility tends to make up for this. Mixed with Program, it becomes sturdier. Mixed with Virus, it becomes more powerful and deals more damage.

Program Edit

Program code, being entire complex programs that he can make appear as a digital environment under his control. Or, mostly under his control anyway. Programs are too much code to go through, even for him, so at most he can make basic commands in the environment, such as opening a door or moving a structure slightly over so it falls down. Program serves more as a distraction and for planned attacks, making a sudden digital hillside that he can slightly control.

Program takes up the most data to make, only being able to make about 5 before running out of data entirely, so he rarely uses it. Basic "upgrades" it, allowing more elaborate landscapes and making it easier to control. Virus warps the landscapes, making it "alive," in a sense.

Virus Edit

These work more as summons, the virus being sentient and fighting alongside him. He can make it do basic commands, such as aim an attack and which attack, but beyond that making elaborate plans with them as rather difficult. Virus serves more to overwhelm, and also for slight plans with Environment. With his present data, he can make about 20 of these.

Viruses serve as separate from his normal data, though it takes data to control them. He can control about 3 at once with his data. These deal the most attack, but are also the easiest to break. Can't do much but just do basic attacks. Mixed with Basic, it "upgrades" them, changing their appearance as Xa wants and allowing more powerful and versatile attacks. Mixed with Program, it makes them easier to control and sturdier.

Base form of virus looks like a smaller version of that guy from Scooby-Doo Cyber Chase, but yellow or red. While upgrading, theoretically, they could become something like War Greymon. This would take a lot of data though. About as much as one use of program would. The virus lasts for as long as they're destroyed, or until he recalls them. If he recalls them, he only gets half as much data back. Same applies to recalling back a Program.

Equipment Edit

First noticeable piece of equipment is Xa's cybernetic arm, plus the wireframe going all along his body. While his body is not entirely cybernetic, about 40% is with the wireframe and arm alone. His arm is made of sturdy metal, being able to be used as a blunt force weapon without any dents or damage to his system. Using its electrical circuits, it also acts as a slight taser, being able to stun foes temporarily for about 3 seconds. On his right hand he wears a glove that helps him interact with his data as well.

Trivia: Edit

  • His way of talking could be reminiscent of an 80’s New York crime goer (Girlie, Lass, Wise-Guy, Boot-Licker, Various Amounts of Adjectives plus the word cat at the end, and so on,
  • He doesn’t have any cybernetic implants in his head, as he prizes his natural brilliance and processing as a human being.
  • Besides being a baller hacker, he's surprisingly good at dancing. Also knows basics politics and how political structure works, being a politician's son. A good mechanic as well, performing maintenance on his arm regularly.
  • He is Digimon. Fear him.

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